Another lockdown cake – The Incredible Darkness of Zoom

My blogging friend, John Rieber, gave me the terrific idea of doing a series of lockdown cakes. This is the fourth cake I’ve made with a lockdown / stay-at-home theme and it is my favourite to date.

This is one of the limericks that go with this cake:

He sat on his cellular phone in the room

Having just finished a meeting on Zoom

What a frightening sight

His expression, dark as night

The seed of a monster starting to bloom

By Robbie Cheadle

Just in case its not obvious to you, the child has huge eyes from so much screen time, mom has turned into a snake with a lashing tongue, and dad is the beast from Beauty and the Beast. The child is also starting to metamorphosis into a robot.

These cakes and the related limericks and twisted nursery rhymes are included in a new book of unusual poems I am currently finalising for publication. The lovely Teagan Geneviene designed this amazing cover for me:

You can find out more about Teagan’s covers here:

92 thoughts on “Another lockdown cake – The Incredible Darkness of Zoom

    1. Hi Darlene, I am completely amazed by Teagan’s covers. I just love them. I wanted to publish some of my lockdown thoughts and limericks and, when I saw this potential cover, it gave me the kick start I needed. Amazing!

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  1. Robbie, you continue to amaze me with all you do AND having a regular life that’s also booming with activity. The cake is adorable, and the poem has me grinning. I’m delighted you like the cover. Huge thanks for the shout-out. Hugs on the wing.

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    1. Thank you, Teagan, although I don’t think any writers have regular lives. We are an obsessive and artsy lot. It is my pleasure to promote your work. Your covers are as brilliant and different as your writing. I am well into Journey 4.

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  2. I love your characters, the cellphone, and laptops. You nailed this one. The cover is outstanding—a real attention grabber.

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  3. Hi Robbie – I love this cake and I think it’s a clever idea to do lockdown cakes. This one represents many realistic emotions felt over the last year – especially the Zoom one. Great rhyme too!

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    1. I must say, Debby, that this situation has improved for me. When the lockdown first started, everyone when mad with Zoom meetings and they were back-to-back all day long. Now there are a lot fewer and people actually work on their own. I’m glad you enjoyed my dark humour.

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      1. It’s that way here too. My older daughter’s company is now supposed to return in September, but I don’t think it will be full time. She misses the office though.

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    1. Hi Erika, thank you for visiting. I am pleased you like this cake and the idea of the limerick. My mom asked me why I’m publishing this book as poetry is not a good seller. I told her it is to preserve my thoughts and memories of lockdown and this pandemic.

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