#PetKid Pals: Push-Push

My cat, Push-Push, is being interviewed by Lilie the Westie who belongs to children’s author and poet, Victoria Zigler.

Victoria has a wonderful selection of books available as ebooks, paperback. and audiobooks so do go over and have a look.

Hi everyone.  This is Lilie the Westie.

I have a new friend for you to meet today.  So, let’s see who it is, shall we?

Hello new friend.  What’s your name? If you have an unusual name, or there’s an interesting story behind it, I’d love to hear about it, and am sure others would too, so please share.

“Hello, my name is Push-Push. I was originally going to be called daiquiri, after my friend Robbie’s favourite drink, but my Dad changed it to Push-Push. He gave me that name because when I was a small kitten, I used to roll onto my back under the couch and used my claws to pull myself along underneath it. My Dad thought that was very funny and changed my name. I didn’t mind because I was only six weeks old at the time.”

That’s an interesting name, and thanks for sharing how you got it.  So, Push-Push, what species and breed(s) are you?

“My Dad says I am a ‘pavement special’. My Mom and Dad got me from a shelter. I was born in a box in the parking lot outside a Kentucky Fried Chicken Drive-thru. My brothers and sisters were all rescued, and I was only in the shelter for a few days when I was chosen my Mom and went to live at my forever home.

Mom and Dad live in a small house down the garden path from a bigger house where my friends, Robbie and Terence, and their two sons live.”

That’s great that you found your forever home before you’d been in the shelter for long.  I love your setup… Must be great to have so many people looking out for you.  Describe your appearance for us, please.

“I am a tortoise shell cat with a very pretty coat in four different colours: mustard, orange, white and black. I have a sister, Smudge. She is a short-legged tortoise shell cat.”

You sound very pretty.  In fact,I know you are, because here’s a photo Robbie sent us of you:

Anyway, Push-Push, I know you said something about a sister and two houses, but can you explain for us… Where do you live? What sort of place do you live in? Who do you share it with? Do any other animals live with you? Or is it just you and your humans?

“As I mentioned earlier, I have my sleeping home with Mom and Dad and my visiting home. I like to spend time lying on the Persian carpet in the lounge while Robbie works. Sometimes I scratch the carpet and then Robbie sprays it with a nasty smelling stuff, so I don’t want to scratch there anymore. More of the time, I’m happy to just lie and doze in the sun.

I have a big garden to play in and I’m allowed to hunt rats and lizards. My Mom hates lizards. I am not allowed to hunt birds as Robbie is very fond of birds.

There are lots of fruit trees in our garden: a fig tree, a peach tree, a blackberry bush, two plum trees and a lemon tree, so you can just imagine how many bird visitors we get. The Loerie birds were so fat after eating all the plums, Robbie was worried they wouldn’t be able to fly away from me, but they did.

Carry on reading here: https://ziglernews.blogspot.com/2021/04/petkid-pals-push-push.html

47 thoughts on “#PetKid Pals: Push-Push

      1. Ollie is welcome to come over and be our guest. My petkids would love to get to know him. Lilie especially loves making new friends. 🙂

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  1. A fun start to my Saturday morning! I adore Push-Push (great name) and a most wise personable pet who knows exactly what’s what! The photo is lovely! Does she like a bit of a cuddle when you take a break from work? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Robbie. And thanks to Push-Push for coming over and being Lilie’s guest.

    Also, thanks to all who commented and shared.

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