The Saturday Symphony – Sir Chocolate Saves Easter

Jude Itakali’s theme for April’s Saturday Symphony is Easter. I thought this was a good opportunity to share Michael and my Free Easter story, Sir Chocolate Saves Easter.

You can listen to me read this story on my Youtube channel here:

This post is for Jude Itakali’s Saturday Symphony challenge which you can join in here:

70 thoughts on “The Saturday Symphony – Sir Chocolate Saves Easter

  1. Great to see all those ‘edible’ characters and scenery, Robbie. This is a real delight, in every sense. 🙂
    Shared on Twitter.
    Happy Easter to you, and to all your family.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Robbie – what a delight to hear your voice reading Sir Chocolate Saves Easter. What a brilliant story about working together as a community to solve a problem. Each participant had a gift and used it for the benefit of others. Loved this post!!!

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  3. Had me on the edge of my seat.. But if you can’t rely on the Easter Bunny, who can’t you rely on? Your story treats, and enthusiasm will ensure that I have a terrific Easter this year. Wishing the same for you and those who mean the most to you.

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      1. Given how my sons love Youtube, I think it is the way forward. I need to up my game but time is such a problem for me. Michael is learning lots of great stuff in his IT lessons so I’m hoping he’ll lead the way.


    1. Hi Pete, I am not a natural video person. I was brought up not to be vain and filming yourself does seem like vanity. I think that Youtube is the new thing with book marketing though so I keep trying and I am glad you are seeing an improvement.

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