Welcome to Day 6 #RRBC MARCH “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour!!! Author, Robbie Cheadle! @bakeandwrite

Thank you to talented author Shirley Harris-Slaughter for hosting me for Day 6 of the RRBC March Spotlight Author Blog Tour. I shared a reading of a freestyle poem called My Mind’s Eye for this post. Do have a look around Shirley’s lovely blog while you are then and check out her books too.

Shirley Harris-Slaughter

Open a new door, a collection of poems


My mind’s eye is a freestyle poem. I fell in love with freestyle poetry through reading the poems of a good blogging friend of mine. Prior to reading hers, I had never attempted this form of poetry although it is popular. Freestyle poetry is free from the limitations of regular meter or rhythm, but not completely, as it still needs to have a musical flow.

About My mind’s eye

I wrote this poem in response to a discussion with my circle of friends about whether any of us would change anything in our lives if we could go back. I have this discussion some thought subsequently and concluded that, although everything in my life is not perfect and I have my ups and downs like everybody else, my life is good enough. I would not change it as who knows…

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28 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 6 #RRBC MARCH “SPOTLIGHT” Author Blog Tour!!! Author, Robbie Cheadle! @bakeandwrite

    1. I came across a lovely site called Sumyanna Writes, Jacqui. Sumyanna [not her real name] writes beautiful freestyle poetry and I loved her style and decided to emulate it. I am happy with how these poems turned out. There is a lot of freedom with Freestyle Poetry.

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      1. Ah, understood. I am not quite as lists orientated as you are, Jacqui, and also not as organised with spreadsheets and that sort of thing. I can also write in an unstructured way which does enable this sort of poetry.

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