Treasuring Poetry – Meet Arthur Rosch, a brave poet

My Treasuring Poetry guest today is Arthur Rosch. His new poetry book, Feral Tenderness, has been on tour and I have really enjoyed introducing Art to other poetry lovers. Today he is sharing some of his favourite poems including a live reading. Thank you, Kaye Lynne Booth, for hosting us today.

Writing to be Read

To day, I am very excited to be hosting author and poet, Arthur Rosch, with his thoughts about poetry. I consider Art to be a brave poet as he poetry is so brutally honest and cuts to the core of difficult and emotional matters.

Over to Art:

My favorite poem is “Prophet”, written in 2001. Here it is:

Oh lord, oh lord,

what has befallen me?

That which I hoped to make straight

only becomes more twisted.

That which should be understood

only becomes more strange.

How did I come to this unexpected shore?

What am I to make of the walking wreck of myself?

I can still think, still work,

still speak in poems

in the sleepless time of the night.

It is a mixed gift, this life, it is hard

to feel so completely lost

in complexity I don’t know how I made.

I wanted to be a…

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36 thoughts on “Treasuring Poetry – Meet Arthur Rosch, a brave poet

  1. I want to thank every person individually. I’m still at it. I didn’t expect the response to be…well, I don’t know what I expected but this is amazing. One of the best things about the showcase of “Feral Tenderness” is that I get to meet new people who are interested in poetry. Not everyone is, trust me. Olivia, D Wallace, Kosher (please come to my house) Kitchen, Thoughts, Jill, everyone who took a moment to read a poem, I thank you.

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