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Sue Vincent is one of those special bloggers that inspires people all over the world. Readers have long been galvanized by her posts about mythology, about ancient ruins and medieval churches, and her daily #midnighthaiku. Even more have participated in and grown as a result of her #writephoto prompts. In addition to posting her prompts, Sue has tirelessly supported other bloggers by sharing others’ responses to her 19,000 and counting followers.

Recently, Sue has been faced with a new and difficult challenge: lung cancer. You can follow her blog to find out more directly from her. The Covid pandemic has served not only to pose a specific threat to a person with a severe respiratory illness, but it has caused loss of human connection through self-imposed quarantine.

Now it’s time for Sue to receive something back from the community she’s been a cornerstone of for a decade. Let’s bring the Rodeo into Sue’s house through her computer, and let’s come together with hearts full of joy. Join us for the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic at the Carrot Ranch – a contest, parade, and celebration all in one!

There are many ways to participate. One is to visit the prompt image, “Hidden”, at the Carrot Ranch. The prompt image and entry form will go live on Monday, February 1st, 2021. Enter a flash or a poem by Friday, February 19th, 2021, and you could win either $100 or a copy of one of Sue’s books. The form will allow you to give a small donation for Sue and her family, and a link can be found on the contest page. The winning entries will be announced at the Carrot Ranch on March 22nd, 2021.

If you’re not ready to rodeo, there’s always the “Parade”. Reblog one of Sue’s posts from any of her sites (Daily Echo or France and Vincent) with a comment about why you found it special. Follow her blogs. Read one of her books, then leave reviews where you can. Several people are already gearing up for the parade – so feel free to check out other people’s blogs for suggestions.

Also, go ahead and reblog, tweet, Facebook, or somehow otherwise share the contest! 99 word literary art is a fantastic way to celebrate a blogging hero and very deserving person.

Saddle up, everyone! It’s time for a Carrot Ranch Rodeo like none ever held before. The Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic begins on Monday, February 1st, and it’ll be a TUFF prompt to fit within 99 words. 

See you at the Ranch, buckaroos!

Find Sue Vincent

My review of Notes from a Small Dog: Four legs on Two

Where to start with a review of Notes from a Small Dog: Four Legs on Two by Sue Vincent? I loved this books so much and so did Michael. It became a bit of a contentious book between Mike and I as I sneakily read ahead and Michael realised that I wasn’t starting where I had finished reading to him and made me go back. He was very determined not to miss a single word. I love this type of story, told mainly through the eyes of a small and very cute dog called Ani. Sue depicts day to day life in such a humorous and fun filled way and I found it a wonderful way to end each stress filled day to sit down and read a few chapters of Ani’s antics to Michael [and to myself of course thereby sparking Mike’s intense displeasure as mentioned above]. Sue writes beautiful descriptions of the natural environment where she lives and her depictions of some of Ani’s learning experiences are very funny. I can just picture the surprise of a small dog taking a flying leap into a pond that has frozen overnight. Sue describes Ani’s anxiety and attention when she is ill and her concern and caring when Ani is ill. This book is altogether completely delightful and tells a beautiful story of the special relationship that can develop between man and his best friend. There are also a few of Sue’s humorous and clever Ani poems thrown in for good measure. This genre of book is just up my street and I rated this book five out of five on Amazon. I have ordered the next book in the series and am anxiously waiting for Amazon to deliver it.

Purchase Sue Vincent’s books

Amazon US

Amazon UK

60 thoughts on “Join the Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic #blogginghero #writingchallenge #review

    1. Hi Kim, I can’t take credit for this idea, that goes to H. Gorman and Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch. I have been trying to think of ways to help Sue so I was delighted to have the opportunity to participate in this challenge. I will look out for your re-blog for the parade. Thanks for your wonderful support.

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  1. Robbie, this a lovely kind and supportive post for Sue. I just visited the links you left and learnt her story with her son Nick and her recent own personal story ( through this post of yours). Life can really Test and test and keep testing . Sue is strong. Very strong. Full time carer, runs so many blogs and has a large following – how does she do it? It is not easy. Not easy at all to be a carer of family . It is a wonderful act if love and love makes it easy. But love also makes it hard. And when the carer falls ill. That is really hard.

    You have written a beautiful post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bella, this post is part of the Carrot Ranch collaborative initiative. I hope that you will consider joining in with a writing entry. These 99-word prompts are great fun and an excellent learning experience for writers. I did lots and lots of these a few years ago. Lately, I seem to have less time for prompts but I will certainly join in this one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay thanks . Let us see. I am sure your will post about it and I will look out for it. I struggle to keep up with all different challenges on so I kinda piggy back of bloggers that I follow the most.

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  2. Reblogged this on Pattys World and commented:
    Good morning Everyone.
    I’d like to invite and encourage you to read and share this post.
    I’d also like to invite and encourage you to participate in some way.
    You’ll see more from me on this in the coming days, but for now, head on over to Robbie’s to read the entire post.
    Thank you.

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  3. Thank you for doing this, Robbie. I’m going to participate if only to donate to the fund. Sue has bared her soul and in the process, opened ours. 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Gwen, I am also going to participate largely to donate funds. Sally and Sue were the first two bloggers I met in my journey and I remember reading all about Nick’s terrible injuries and amazing recovery.


    1. I think its a wonderful idea, Sue. I was thinking just the other day if there was anything I could do to show you that I care about you and am thinking of you, and then this popped up in my email like the answer to my thoughts. I am looking forward to the challenge and will also try to read and review another of your lovely books. I always enjoy them.


  4. Thanks for posting this, Robbie. Sue has always been so supportive of others. I’m familiar with Sue’s blog (especially regarding ancient ruins), but don’t really understand Carrot Ranch. I’d like to participate, so I’ll be looking into it.

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    1. Hi Mae, Carrot Ranch is a gathering place for writers. A bit like Story Empire but it offers prompt challenges on a weekly basis. Writers prepare a 99 word piece of flash fiction. It is actually good fun. I will be sharing more about it when the prompt challenge goes live. Thanks for your comment and support.

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  5. I’ve followed Sue for a few years, Robbie, and took part in her Writephoto for a while. I also found out about her lung cancer from Mary Smith. Thank you for this post and a great idea to gather to show our appreciation and support for Sue. I surely will participate in the donation. I hopped over to her blog to read a few posts. I’ll find out how to make the donation.

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  6. What an introduction to Sue Vincent, Robbie! I have seen her name in the blogosphere and now I want to learn more about her. I am very sorry to read about the health challenges. I am very moved by the kindness and support in this community. I will share. xx

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