Treasuring Poetry – Meet fantasy author and poet, Diana Peach and read my review of Sunwielder: An Epic Time Travel Adventure

Today I am hosting Diana Wallace Peach as my first Treasuring Poetry guest of 2021. Diana is a fantastic poet and fantasy writer and has a number of wonderful books. I have shared my review of Sunwielder in this post. Thank you Kaye Lynne Booth of Writing to be Read for hosting us.

Writing to be Read

Welcome to the first Treasury Poetry post of 2021.

Today, I am delighted to welcome fantasy author and poet, Diana Peach, who is sharing one of her own poems and discussing poetry.

Which of your own poems is your favourite?

Thanks so much for the invitation to participate in your Treasuring Poetry series, Robbie. I’m honored. I think of myself as a writer of prose and a dabbler otherwise, but I love poetry and believe no creative effort is ever wasted.

This is a super hard question! I have poems that I think are well-crafted, poems that evoke personal feelings or memories, and poems that reflect a particular time in my life. Since “I don’t know” isn’t an acceptable answer, I’ll go with this one:

Flight of faith

When I was a child, I could fly

you and I hopped in dirt-road afternoons


and the dust-wind flung us over…

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32 thoughts on “Treasuring Poetry – Meet fantasy author and poet, Diana Peach and read my review of Sunwielder: An Epic Time Travel Adventure

  1. Robbie, a superlative interview with Diana and review of ‘Sunwielder’. I totally agree her writing is wonderful and storytelling amazing. I’m intrigued by the inclusion of a love story!

    Wow! I love her poem, the wonder of flight, imagination! It is sad how ‘I unlearned how to fly’ — one longs to capture that sense of magic again! But she does through many other creative forms.

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    1. Thank you for the visit and comment, Annika. I’m feeling completely overwhelmed by all the kind posts and reviews and comments this week. I need a nap from all this smiling and happy-dancing. Getting to share my thoughts about poetry, as well as a poem, was the cherry on the whipped cream! Have a great weekend, my friend.

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  2. Thanks for hosting Diana, Robbie. Great review! I’m still thinking about the David Carradine quote. Except for haiku, I am not a poet, but I guess I could be a poem since I record family history.

    Still pondering this line . . . . !

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    1. I think if you tried to write poetry, you might surprise yourself, Marian. Poetry is an expression of intense emotion or beauty. I think all writers have this ability within themselves like an untapped spring of words. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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    2. Thank you, Marion. I think of myself as a prose writer, but I love to dabble in poetry, and I think it stretches my writing skills. At least, a little. Ha ha. And I agree with Robbie, that wordsmiths with a love of language, have the ability inside them. Have a great weekend and Happy Writing!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jacqui, and for the sweet comment. I love writing and reading poetry and occasionally can produce something I’m daring enough to share. Lol. Have a wonderful week, my friend. 😀


  3. I’ve read quite a few reviews of Diana’s work, mostly about her novels, but not so many about her poetry, and it was great to hear her thoughts on it as well. Thanks for sharing, Robbie.


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