Tea Toast & Trivia – Season 3 Episode 3: Robbie Cheadle on Writing Children’s Books

I am over at Tea, Toast and Trivia for a podcast discussion with Rebecca Budd about my inspiration and goals for writing for children. Rebecca has a number of amazing and interesting blogs, of which Tea, Toast and Trivia is just one, where she discusses a range of topics. Thank you Rebecca for hosting me and for the wonderful conversations.

Welcome to Tea, Toast and Trivia.

Thank you for listening in.

Today, I am travelling the distance of 15,174 kilometers that takes me over the Atlantic Ocean and across the equator to South Africa.  What usually takes 18 hours and 20 minutes by air travel, has been accomplished within minutes via technology. I am meeting up with Robbie Cheadle, a prolific writer whose books span the ages of children, young adults, and adults. In order to clearly separate her children’s books from her adult books, she writes for older readers under the name Roberta Eaton Cheadle.

I invite you to put the kettle on and add to this exciting conversation on Tea Toast & Trivia.  I am your host Rebecca Budd, and I am looking forward to sharing this moment with you.

Continue reading: https://teatoasttrivia.com/2021/01/18/season-3-episode-3-robbie-cheadle-on-writing-childrens-books/

52 thoughts on “Tea Toast & Trivia – Season 3 Episode 3: Robbie Cheadle on Writing Children’s Books

      1. Yes, absolutely, and if you imagine I can read books written by you or your wonderful writers, such as Nadine Gordimer, Nelson Mandela or J.M- Coetzee, and their stories here in my far away courntry:) All the best Martina

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      1. Good morning Rebecca, unfortunately I am not a grandmother and can therefore not read books to them, but I completely agree when you and Robie say that loving books and stories about personal experiences start in childhood and keep on being of importance throughout life:)

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      1. We are, Rebecca, and it is a wonderful thing. Blogging has been my saviour over the past year. There are so many talented, inspired and similar minded people to me on the Blogosphere. It has kept me focused and positive.

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      1. Your voice is lovely too. Your whole podcast, music, intervals of music and voice. Flow of the conversation, clarity, no white noise. A very technical and well presented interview. Impressive and professional. I loved listening to it.

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  1. Robbie, it was a delight to join you and Rebecca for this in-depth conversation which covered so many topics around your writing.

    It was lovely to hear your voice and your warm and caring personality shone through. I was touched to hear how you and Michael came to write your first books, how he even illustrated them. You have developed brilliantly in your writing career, and congratulations on all your books. Your ghost / supernatural ones interest me very much and I hope to read one soon. 2000 words a day is a lot and I think most writers would not even expect or recommend more. That is what I usually aim for when on a project – after three to four hours my creative brain is drained although it is enjoyable to reach out to other tasks.

    Finally, I loved your reflections about blogging and the Society of Friends – so true and just what it has become for so many of us! I know without it I would not be where I am today … the support, encouragement and friendships are incredible.

    Wishing you a great weekend! hugs xx ❤️

    ps. this is part of a comment I left on Rebecca’s website!

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