Let’s Get Inspired by – Robbie Cheadle – Part 2 of 3

Happy Monday, everyone. I am over at Bella Shah’s lovely blog, Thoughtsnlife, with part 2 of the Get Inspired series. Thank you, Bella, for sharing these lovely posts, I really appreciate it.


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To be inspired by others is a great way to spark in us a determination and motivation. It is also a short cut way to fast forward our learning, and increase our tool box of options and understanding.

Therefore, I have asked a few blogger friends, if they don’t mind being interviewed and featured on my blog with the intention to inspire us with their journey. Click here to read the introductory post.

Where does the inspiration to write come from? Featuring Robbie Cheadle Part 2

In thisthree-partseries, we will be speaking to Robbie/Roberta Cheadle who has written books in several genres, whilst running a household, working full-time as an accountant, and actively managing two blogs (Robbie’s inspirations (started in 2016), and Roberta Writes (started in 2018)).

In part 1, we learnt about Robbie’s Children’s books which she wrote with her son.

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24 thoughts on “Let’s Get Inspired by – Robbie Cheadle – Part 2 of 3

  1. Hi Robbie! Sorry, another delay on my side! I hope i had not forgotten the wishe to the New Year? However lets wish you a happy and more than ever blessed New Year!!!! Hope you had a nice beginning, and many thanks for this series, which will power up again. Michael

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    1. Hi Michael, Happy New Year to you too. I hope you are well and your lockdown conditions have improved. I am back at work and waiting to see if my boys will go back to school or have on-line studies again this year. I am glad you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful new week.


    1. Hi Jay, Bella put this together and decided on the 3 parts. I originally provided this information to Bella for her English project – she had to interview an author. She asked if she could post it on her blog so that is how this series arose.

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  2. I was delighted to read part two of the interview. I was especially glad to see your recommendation of editing for self publishing. As a retired English professor, I am saddened by some work that would have been excellent with a little editing. I have edited a full length book for one blogger and got to edit a doctoral dissertation for a lovely English nurse. I offer free editing and those two took me up on the offer. It is a real pleasure to use the skills that come easily to me to help someone else.

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  3. What a fun interview. I enjoyed learning about all the various genres you do. I loved While the Bombs Fell, and it’s interesting to hear that you’ve got a spin-off project as a result of all the research. I’m glad to see your 2021 is off to a great start.

    Also, there was no place to comment, but I also watched your chocolate cupcake video. So nice to see someone else who mixes cakes with a spoon, instead of a mixer. I can stop feeling like such an odd duck. : )

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    1. Hi Cathleen, thank you for visiting. My 2021 is already busy and I’m part of a new anthology which launched today which is fun. I prefer to make cakes without the mixer if I can. There is something quite gratifying about mixing a cake.

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