#Sundaystills – Lighting up the night

Lighting up the night is the theme for this weeks Sunday Stills posts over at Second Wind Leisure Perspective. You can join in here: https://secondwindleisure.com/2021/01/10/sunday-stills-lighting-up-the-night/

St Stephen’s Cathedral in Budapest at night
Ferris Wheel in Budapest at night
Terence and I at the theatre in London waiting for Bat Out Of Hell to start
The night-time view from our hotel room in Helsinki, Finland
Theatre in Helsinki Finland at 5am in the morning

Last but not least, if you missed my Gingerbread and chocolate Christmas diorama post, here is a picture of it at night:

74 thoughts on “#Sundaystills – Lighting up the night

  1. Robbie, your post has lit up my evening and I love the international flair to your photos! Also, wow, what a wonderful Gingerbread and chocolate Christmas diorama … I’ll have to find your post about it!

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      1. The news this morning days the informational travel with be open later in the year but I don’t think we’ll do it. We may take a local trip in August for our anniversary.
        In addition to that, I still try to visit our grandkids, hopefully in March for Nora’s first birthday. ☺️🙏


  2. I wondered where you were and it was hot…thinking you might have been in the southern hemisphere where I am. I do not take many night photos at all but like you found a few in my photo history. The ‘not normal ‘ of covid is very trying. Sending my best wishes to you from Australia.

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