Let’s Get Inspired by – Robbie Cheadle – Part 1 of 3

I am over at Bella Shah’s lovely blog, ThoughtsnLifeBlog, with the first in a series of three posts about what inspires me to write. Bella shares all sorts of articles about motivation, achievement, inspirational quotes and meditations. Do have a look around while you are there.


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I wrote a post a few days ago about my love for being inspired – you can click here to read it.

Basically, in that post I announced that I will be interviewing my blogger friends here on WordPress.com as a way of being inspired. Inspired by their dedication, motivation, their writing and blogging journeys, their photography and much more.

Today is the first post in the series. The blogger/writer being interviewed is Robbie Cheadle. I don’t recall how Robbie and I became blogging friends, but I must say she is so inspiring and wonderful. I hope you enjoy this three-part interview with Robbie.

Where does the inspiration to write come from? Featuring Robbie Cheadle Part 1

In thisthree-partseries, we will be speaking to Robbie/Roberta Cheadle who has written books in several genres, whilst running a household, working fulltime as an accountant, and…

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29 thoughts on “Let’s Get Inspired by – Robbie Cheadle – Part 1 of 3

  1. Happy New Year, Robbie. After a brief holiday break, I am rarin’ to go with new posts. As a matter of fact, like a metal detector on beach sand, I look for ideas everywhere. Staying receptive is the key, I think.

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  2. I love her concept of getting inspired by seeing how other writer get inspired. A very generous share on her and your parts. Thanks for telling us even more about the children’s books beginnings.

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    1. It is the challenge for me, Jacqui. And, of course, the hope I’ll write something meaningful and enduring at some point in my writing career. I don’t write with an expectation of earning money from it in my lifetime. I hope some of the history I share will be useful to future generations.


    1. The background to this series of posts is that Bella needed to interview an author for her studies. She asked me and I was delighted to oblige and help her achieve her study goals. She then asked if she could share this Q&A on her blog. Bella achieved an A on her paper which is fantastic news.

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