#Bookreview #Childrensfiction – A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-book [too] by Frank Prem

What Amazon says

What are the Beechworth Bakery Bears up to this time? Has Tom sold out of Bee Stings?

Take The Beechworth Bakery Bears (too) home to read, and find out!

My review

This is another cute and beautifully illustrated children’s book by author and poet, Frank Prem. The book is about a collection of fluffy bears who live in a local bakery and who all contribute to the running of the bakery and the entertainment of the customers.

I read the ebook and each page has a beautiful colour photograph of one or more of the bears, with a little poem that complements the antics or actions of the bears in the picture. There is a bear baking scones and a bear who is chilling as well as bears who are boating and bears who are watching.

A young child could not read this book on his/her own, but would require parental guidance as some of the language is a little complex. I prefer books for children that expand children’s vocabulary and understanding and the reader of this book could have a lot of fun explaining sounds and teaching language concepts to a child.

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100 thoughts on “#Bookreview #Childrensfiction – A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-book [too] by Frank Prem

      1. Hi Jill.

        Thank you. I think you’d enjoy them. They’re really written with adults in mind, but child appropriate, if you know what I mean. As adult as teddy bears get, really . . .

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    1. G’day Miriam. For a short period of time, the bears seemed to just arrange themselves in a way that demanded attention from me. I’m so pleased that we conversed, when we did. Chances are so very fleeting.

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    1. Hi Darlene. Thank you.

      I suspect the best books for the purpose are those that the adult gets something out of, as well.

      That was sense of the Harry Potter books years ago. There was something in it for all parties!

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    1. Hi Jessica. Only the ebooks at the moment. I’m a little reluctant to release the paper versions (I’ve made Hard cover and paperback), because I don’t think the images are quite up to print standard. There is a long story as to why that is the case, and its all my own responsibility, but for the moment, no.

      If I start doing appearances in the district I might get a few copies printed just to test the reaction.

      We shall see, I guess.

      Thank you for the positive response.

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      1. I’ll have to get back into it. I’ve fallen into sedentary habits – reading on Youtube or simply posting, but I do enjoy having an audience and interacting, so maybe.

        Do you have a writing group that you’re part of Jessica?

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    1. Thank you, Diane. The bears were irresistible at the time. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that it is hard (at this stage at least) to recapture that short period of time when I and they were in constant communication via images and voice.

      I’m fortunate to have caught a special moment in time.

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      1. I lost my comment, Frank, but I taught kindergarten in the 1980s at the beginning of my career. During the last fifteen years of my career I wrote curriculum, at first preschool – one home lesson per picture book. Later I wrote entire programs to accompany single books for use in high school and college. My attempts at writing picture books have not met with success yet, but my teddy bear, Manny has his own blog called Manny’s Blog. He’s kind of grown out of it now, but he traveled all over the world visiting bloggers and writing about his experiences. Anyway, great to chat with you. I wish you the best with all your books. I’d love to do an author interview sometime if you are interested.

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      2. They have a way of becoming quite rel. Surreally real, I think. Created to have character, and Manny sounds like he has plenty!

        I’d be delighted to participate in an author interview with you, Marsha. Let me know when and what you need. We can go from there.

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      3. I have written several – all unpublished. The blog that I have is called Manny’s Blog. Do you know Carol Sherritt? She’s Australian and we took a picture book writing class together online. It was a great experience, but trying write something meaningful in 300 words or less at the time was not doable for me. After my brief Carrot Ranch exposure, I feel much better prepared to take on something like a picture book. None of my fiction books are published. I’m taking another break and going back to blogging for a while which is relaxing to me. 🙂 Thanks for the comment, Robbie.

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  1. Sounds delightful Robbie. To me, there are books that kids are meant to read and books that are meant to be read to them. I like to be able to challenge children with new vocabulary and with good illustrations, that sounds like a win/win.

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