A party for mom’s birthday

Last week it was my mother’s 82nd birthday and we celebrated with a family gathering for lunch on Saturday. This is the first time our family has gathered since the lockdown started on 26 March and it was a welcome and delightful day. Everyone had a wonderful time and ate and drank and enjoyed themselves.

We decided on a 1960s themed event and the table was laid with colourful cloth overlays depicting flowers. The paper napkins were also colourful and matched the clothes.

I made a portable record player in a box cake in a flower garden.

Picture of the entire cake
Close up of the record player cake
Close up of the Gazania cupcakes

115 thoughts on “A party for mom’s birthday

  1. Congratulations on your Mom’s 82nd birthday! It is a good idea and fun to work around a theme. The portable record player is innovative and perfect. The musical notes, a great idea. A beautiful creation, infused with your love. ❤️ Thank you for sharing, Robbie!

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      1. Hi Robbie I am sure you all did I am happy for you…I would love to go and see my mum or have my son come here but unfortunately this blimin Covid is preventing us all from travelling but better to be safe…I am just now wondering how far into 2021 this is going to encroach…x

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  2. Your mom must be quite the woman. I remember you so co-wrote Where the Bombs Fell with her. Has she written any other books? We haven’t seen our son since February. We were thinking of making a trip out there, and now his team has had another Covid outbreak. I’m so ready to be over this.

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    1. Hi Pete, my mom is my first and most rigorous critic of all my writing. She is so harsh that sometimes I feel a bit like giving up but then I see the truth in her words and make the changes. She is a big reader of modern books (I tend towards classics) and knows the trends. She also tells me straight when my thought process is to complex and confusing for an “average” reader. I have that same problem in my day job because I think quite differently to other people in my field. She doesn’t write herself, but she could if she wanted to.

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      1. When I was a kid, one of my grandmothers used to proofread the letters I wrote to her and send them back to me with the corrections.🤣

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  3. I remember you mentioned working on your mother’s birthday cake. It’s spectacular! It must have been great to be able to have a family meal again. Here things are pretty bad and meetings are limited to 6 people, although in our case we don’t have a big family, and they don’t live nearby. Take care and happy belated birthday to your Mom.

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    1. Hi Olga, I knew that things were tough in the UK and US with regards to the virus. I assume Spain has also had a resurgence. I am sorry about that. We are in summer now but there is talk of a second wave here to. It was so nice to see all the family together.

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    1. I agree. I thought the hydrangeas were actual flowers until the closeup photo. Wow! Thank you for sharing your culinary artistry as well as all of the love you baked into this very special birthday gathering. Just what I needed to read on a gray, cold, and rainy afternoon here in New England!

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  4. How creative to make a record player cake, Robbie. I saw your cupcakes and flowers and now I saw the whole cake. You don’t run out of ideas for cakes. I bet your mom enjoyed every bit of the cake.
    Happy 82nd birthday to your mom!

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    1. HI Miriam, the record player was a fun challenge. My niece, Coco Rose, was completely taken with the cake. She kept coming back to look at it and eat small slithers. She is turning two in November. It was the cutest thing ever.

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  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord Blog Magazine and commented:
    Whilst we might not have been able to participate in person at the birthday party of Robbie’s mom over the weekend, we were treated to a post on the amazing cake that Robbie created with several elements to celebrate the occasion. At this time with restricted visitations for most of us, it is still lovely to do as much as possible to celebrate these special moments… Robbie does just that..

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  6. I am late, but i hope you will forward to your mom my best wishes too. Very well done backery. Oh, i adore these efforts for such artwork, Robbie! Hope you all had a very fantastic celebrations, and we all will overcome this C-19 pandemic soon. Best wishes, Michael

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