Fondant art – Destruction, devastation and shock

I read an article recently that brought to mind the destruction and devastation that often occurs both in nature and due to human interventions. In nature, volcanic activity, earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts and flood often cause chaos and havoc for mankind and there is little we can do about it even when we know its coming. People also cause their own damage and destruction through wars and even through smaller actions like graffiti on walls and buildings and breaking windows or burning farmland.

The pictures below came to mind when I contemplated these issues.

The first set of pictures show a beautiful flower garden. The second picture depicts Taylor Red’s shock when she discovers that destructive giant snails have devastated the flower garden. The death of the flowers leads to a greater catastrophe in that the sugar dough bees don’t have pollen to make their sugar dough and the bee hive is under threat of starvation. You can read more about this in my children’s baking and nature conservation themed book, Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Dough Bees story and cookbook.

The set of pictures below depicts a stage set up in a public park for a Christmas pageant in Chocolateville. A graffiti artist damages the stage and props which threatens to destroy Christmas and Sir Chocolate must save the day. You can read this story for free here:

The people of Chocolate Land are shocked when they wake up one morning to discover that all their homes and gardens have been nibbled and damaged. Sir Chocolate soon discovers the culprit, a Baby Cookie Monster who has lost his mummy. The people work together to return the lost baby to his mother and to fix their town.

This last cake is part of my art series about saving our planet. The reason I included this artwork in this post is because humans are causing a lot of damage and destruction to our beautiful planet through all the plastic, rubbish and other products that are causing global warming and other problems. The tap is disconnect as there is no water in a desert.

56 thoughts on “Fondant art – Destruction, devastation and shock

  1. Hi Robbie, Wow, quite the theme and interesting how you wove the story together. A powerful last sentence. Your artwork is always amazing! Intricate and creative. The expressions on the people are very believable🙂 Erica

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    1. Hi Annette, thank you. I made that cake to help collect water for Cape Town when it had a terrible drought in 2018. People donated bottles of water instead of money for a ticket and the bottles were shipped to needy people.


  2. Hey Robbie – those poor aghast marzipan people! It somehow seems all the more shocking because of their pastel world. For the purposes of the Kick-About showcase I’d be fascinated to learn more about your idea (like, what happened to that poor little guy in the shack – it looks like a bloodbath!) – and also your process; you’ll see that the artists tend to supply a little paragraph that knits things together – you can drop me an email with anything else you’d like to add – also, people like behind-the-scenes stuff too, so any insights into your making I know would be welcome too 🙂

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    1. Ah yes, I forgot about that Phil. There are stories that go with these pictures and I will add them in. It took me a while to work out how the gallery worked in the new block editor. I’ve got it now.


  3. Wonderful story lines and loved your artwork and the family who were trying to restore balance through the chaos..
    I know the feeling of shock, when those snails sneak into your greenhouse and you haven’t checked for two days to discover all of your newly transplanted seedlings have been devoured.. lol…
    I have said before how much I loved that Water -Tap display, you managed to create the effect of metal .. 🙂
    Thankfully we are having our own fair share of rain here in the UK again.. Drought is no joke, and water is such a precious resource..
    Sending thoughts your way dear Robbie, I hope you have managed to also get out and about in Nature recently too..
    Much love your way ❤

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I have a lovely big garden and we do spend time in it. I walk around it every day and look at the new flowers that are blooming and I am growing fruit and a few vegetables too. It is incredibly hot here already so I think we’re in for a sizzling summer. I hope you are well and not over inconvenienced by the lockdowns.

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      1. I remember reading a book about that. If there are lots of berries and nuts during the autumn it means a long hard winter. I can’t remember what it was called but it was a lovely book for children.


  4. This is great Robbie. It encompasses so much about how our small actions accumulate and radiate out into the rest of the world. I like that the townspeople don’t just destroy the baby, but find solutions for themselves and him as well. (K)

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  5. It’s a very effective way of getting the message across in a way that children and adults will be able to relate to. Great work, Robbie. Thanks for sharing your stories and the cakes.


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