#SundayStills – Happy place

My happy place is my kitchen where I spend pleasant hours creating fondant artworks and cakes.

I am not going to share pictures of my kitchen as that would be uninspiring. I am sharing some pictures of my favourite cakes.

Artist palette cake
Apples in a basket cupcakes
Train station cake
Fruit pies cupcakes and marzipan chips

Where is your happy place?

You can share in the Sunday Stills challenge here: https://secondwindleisure.com/2020/10/18/sunday-stills-your-happy-place/

68 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Happy place

  1. You are a fabulous Baker. I understand why your kitchen is your favorite place.
    My favorite places are my office in my basement and my patio. I write in both of them but I write most in my office because it’s like entering another world.
    Shalom aleichem
    Pat Garcia

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  2. I’m not surprised your happy place is your kitchen. Mine is my terrace in the sun overlooking the lemon grove. I love to write and read there. I also chat with my family there sometimes on my tablet or laptop. We eat all our meals there unless it’s raining.

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    1. Hi Darlene, your happy places sounds very pretty and special. I play musical chairs when it comes to working and writing space at home. I often write in my kitchen and I blog there too. There is nowhere peaceful or solitary in this house.

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  3. I like your large creations, like Chocolateville, but I also appreciate the intricacy and details that go into your smaller pieces. One thing I’ve always wanted to ask you, Are these strictly for show, or do these masterpieces all get eaten?

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    1. Hi Pete, I have finished writing about Sir Chocolate now so there won’t be any more artworks about Chocolate Land. I am focusing now on flowers and artworks with messages about global warming and that sort of thing. Everything gets eaten. Well, not the fondant figurines, but the cakes get eaten.

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      1. Welcome Robbie but after my grandson was born I thought of writing a story on Train of Joy. It is in one of my short stories. Actually I have a train station just opposite my house and as he was growing I would pick him up and take him near the window to make him listen to the noise of the train and the whistle and I too would imitate the train and he would get so excited so one day the story just formed and then made my daughter too read.

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  4. your gastronomic creations are true works of art Robbie!

    On another note I watched a science program about Cape Towns water shortage of 2018. It appears most of the cities water comes from fog. There is also a movement to cut down all Pine trees as they suck up too much water and are not even natural to the country!

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