Meet poet and author D. Avery plus review

Today I am delighted to have poet and author D. Avery as my Treasuring Poetry guest. Do come over and read her thoughts on poetry. I have also shared my review of her powerful poetry book, For the Girls.

Writing to be Read

Today, I am delighted to welcome poet and author D. Avery. Ms Avery is the creator of the fun and well-known characters Kid and Pal who frequent Carrot Ranch Literary Community She also has her own blog where she shares her flash fiction, poetry and other literary endeavours. You can find her blog here:

Treasuring Poetry

At first I was thrilled to be asked to participate in Treasuring Poetry with Writing to be Read and Robbie Cheadle. Then I read the questions! Too hard! Actually, I misread the questions and was flustered enough to consider who my favorite poet might be, let alone poem.

Robbie’s questions led me down many a rabbit hole, but perhaps not so many as I might have if I were under the same roof as my collection of poetry books. I’m not, so I let my mind travel and recall those shelves…

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14 thoughts on “Meet poet and author D. Avery plus review

  1. A great intervuew Robbie, I hate having to pick a favourite Author or poem. It is the only area where I suddenly feel put on the spot. It feels like … whoever I chose will be wrong, disloyal to those left unsaid. Ms D Avery left an interesting read.

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