#Sundaystills – Towering

This week’s theme is “towering.” What towers over you, literally, like walls, mountains, or actual towers? Or is it figuratively, like huge goals or tasks set before you, that feel like mountains of stress, for example?

Gregory towered over new born baby Michael when we arrived home from the hospital in 2006
This statue in the centre of Heroes Square in Budapest towers above everything else
My mom’s 80th birthday cake was a tower comprising 5 layers of delight
The top of the zipple line towered above the swimming pool below

You can join in the Sunday Stills challenge here: https://secondwindleisure.com/2020/09/20/sunday-stills-towering-turmoil/

80 thoughts on “#Sundaystills – Towering

    1. Hi Darlene, like all siblings, they have their moments, but on the whole, my boys do get on. Greg helps Mike a lot with organising his school day. He made him folders for every subject to keep his work in and he made him summaries for a few of his major subjects for the exams last term.

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    1. That cake was for my mother’s 80th birthday. Each layer was a different kind of cake, the bottom layer was fruit and we had rich chocolate, vanilla, orange and lemon and red velvet. Each cake had a different icing too. A great day. We had a party for her and invited all our family.

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    1. Yes, things world wide financially are looking quite grim and in South Africa there is so much unemployment it is a little frightening. We are very concerned about the escalating crime levels. We have been having beggars coming to the house asking for food and that is something new.

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