The Saturday Symphony #10 – Sir Chocolate and the gingerbread church

The people of Chocolateville,

Wanted a lovely new Church,

For an exciting new design,

They started to search.


They held a competition,

To find a new concept,

But every submitted idea,

The committee did reject.


At last the town settled,

On a gingerbread chapel,

Sir Chocolate took the opportunity,

With different recipes to dabble.

Sir Chocolate with a new hat


It was a huge undertaking,

To get the project off the ground,

And lots of enthusiastic helpers,

Needed to be found.


Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet,

Helped to make the dough,

And added the ingredients,

In the correct ratio.


The gingerbread was delicious,

With a slightly citrus taste,

Little off-cuts left over,

Did not go to waste.


The family of giant gobstoppers,

Had fun rolling it out,

The baby cookie monster,

Cut out pieces with his snout.

The Baby Cookie Monster


For this job his nose was perfect,

With its flat and saw-like edge,

And when he had finished,

He cut each window ledge.


The window ledges were chocolate,

And tasted very yummy,

But you mustn’t eat too many,

Or you’ll get a sore tummy.


The friendly little dragon,

With much artistry and finesse,

Helpfully baked each piece,

With a blast of his fiery breath.

The friendly dragon


There were a few accidents,

Some pieces had to be remade,

When a bit of over-baking,

Made them too dark a shade.


Sir Chocolate melted boiled sweets,

In a great big metal pot,

Pouring the mixture into window holes,

While it was still very hot.


The windows looked fantastic,

With a stained glass effect,

Which the villagers all thought,

Made their church look perfect.


Now everything was ready,

It was time to get it built,

The roof was the most difficult,

As it attached at a tilt.


The family of trolls,

Came down from their mountain cave,

And offered to erect the walls,

Which was really very brave.

The trolls hard at work


Extra-long liquorish whips,

Were used in place of rope,

They were strong enough to hold each slab,

Which gave the builders hope.


With much huffing and puffing,

The trolls heaved them into place,

And used some big toffee struts,

The outside walls to brace.


The children from the village,

Arrived with royal icing in pails,

When used to cement gingerbread,

It really never fails.


The children swarmed up the walls,

And applied the icing really thickly,

With their great enthusiasm,

They were finished really quickly.


The icing was soon hard and set,

The Church was quite complete,

With chocolate log seats,

And caramel benches for your feet.

Completed gingerbread church


The fruit drop fairies came to visit,

And brought a chocolate bunny,

As a gift for the children,

Who fed him milk and honey.

Sugar dough mice


He would live in the garden,

And play with the sugar dough mice,

And entertain the children,

Which they thought was really nice.

By Robbie and Michael Cheadle

This poem is posted for Jude Clutch’s Saturday Symphony poetry challenge. You can join in here:

71 thoughts on “The Saturday Symphony #10 – Sir Chocolate and the gingerbread church

      1. Hi Kim, because we have both grown out of them. Michael is nearly 15 years old now and isn’t interested in these books any more. I’ve been writing more adult fiction and it sells so much better than my children’s fiction I’ve decided to focus on that. These books are very time consuming to create with all the fondant art and pictures.

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    1. Hi Debby, I am glad you enjoyed this. FB banned this URL so it came up with a comment that my posts were abusive and couldn’t be shared to FB. I took the share button away as a consequence because I felt quite offended. I only post about baking, poetry and children’s books here!

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  1. What a delightful story and poem Robbie! I love the beautiful church and all the adorable characters. The little pink mice, the dragon, the trolls, and baby Cookie Monster are so imaginative. So sorry it’s the last of your wonderful series.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s wonderful news Robbie. I look forward to seeing the beautiful new magic that you both create together. You make a great Mother and Son team!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My grandma was very kind to me as a child. She had this friend she would visit and I would go with her. The friend would give me the necessary ingredients to make gingerbread houses, such as graham crackers, frostings, and candies. I probably made more than 5 visits to making ginger bread houses with them. It sure was fun. Old people are great.


    Liked by 1 person

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