In the garden at Hever Castle

Last week, I shared a post about our trip to Hever Castle in 2017. This week I’m sharing some of my photographs of the beautiful gardens. Enjoy!

White swans in the gardens
The rose garden
Beautiful rose
The other side of the rose garden
Water fountain
Grape bower
Fish pond
I don’t know what these flowers are called, but I thought they were gorgeous

68 thoughts on “In the garden at Hever Castle

  1. I was quite small when we visited first time. Maybe seven. Mum was taking it all in and all i wanted to do was run around. To keep me amused dad found this sundial and made up a story about the shadow that hid in the dial. It was so good – not that i remember why now – that in the end it was mum who wanted to go as it had started to rain. I’d forgotten that until i read this. Thanks Robbie

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      1. Ah ha, another myth to bust! It is not that rainy. Not on the east of the penines and chilterns. New York has more than double what london has. Rome too. What we do have are overcast skies and a damp climate, just don’t fall for the myth about rain. Indeed Cape Town has 20 inches and 102 days of rain; london has 22 inches and 106 days. .. Not that I’m defending my city against scurrilous fake news or anything!! And of course, go to the west coast – Bristol Manchester… and you need gills and webbing…

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      2. Of course, you are right Geoff. I wasn’t actually thinking of London when I made that comment. It peed with rain nearly the whole time we were in York and Scotland and the same could be said of Norfolk and Suffolk. London didn’t seem as wet to be sure.


  2. Hi Robbie, What great photos! Thank you. Sadly, I missed Scotland on a UK tour. England, Lake District and Wales visited several times. I’m half Welsh and love the country but would love to have visited Scotland too. ‘Life’ seems to have sent us in other directions…Hey ho. Hugs x

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  3. Lovely images from your visit and I always love walled gardens… Especially in these Historic places..
    The Flower is a Pom- pom Dahlias. We have some orange ones in our garden…. and some white ones… 😀 Look in Google Images for Pom pom Dahlias 😀
    Lovely photos Robbie… Have a great week my friend ❤ 💚🙏

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      1. I did! And yes, they are lush. The moss along the stone wall is a favorite. In our garden, we have some big terra-cotta planters that are in the shade, and have grown that old, mossy covering over the years. I love it! I tell people it is my old English garden.

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