Saddle Up Saloon; Write On, Robbie!

I am over at Carrot Ranch chatting to Pal and Kit about my writing. Thanks you D Avery and Charli Mills for hosting me.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Saddle Up Saloon“Hey, Pal. Yer kinda late. It’s gittin’ dark out, the stars is already showin’.”

“I sure would like ta be out unnerneath ‘em, Kid, but we’re ‘xpectin’ a big star at the saloon this week, ain’t we?”

“Sure are, Pal. Robbie’s comin’ in.”

“Robbie? Robbie who?”

“Robbie Cheadle.

“A writer fella?”

“Nope, a writer gal. Seems her mom was expecting a boy an’ planned to name him Robert, but when she turned out to be a girl, she changed it to Roberta, which gits endlessly mispernounced, either Roberto or Robairta. She didn’t like either so goes by Robbie. Writes books fer children under Robbie Cheadle and books fer young adults and adults under Roberta Eaton Cheadle.”

“Soun’s like could git confusin’, but also soun’s as if this Robbie kin take charge an’ take care a hersef.”

“I’m hopin’ she takes charge a that ghost been bumpin’ ‘roun here. That poor…

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25 thoughts on “Saddle Up Saloon; Write On, Robbie!

  1. Wow this is such a beautiful article on Saddle Up Saloon, Robbie and I loved the fun and hilarious poetry by Avery and nice to know that mom wanted a boy but you turned out to be a beautiful girl and she changed your name to Roberta. Great post, loved it. Thanks so much you always amaze me Robbie.

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