Meet poet, Frank Prem, and learn his thoughts about poetry

Today I am featuring talented poet, Frank Prem, for my Treasuring Poetry series over at Writing to be Read. Thank you Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

Treasuring Poetry

Today, talented poet, Frank Prem, has joined me to share about his favourite poem, why he likes it and what it means to him. His thoughts are very inspiring.

Frank shares a lot of his wonderful work on his blog here:

Now, over to Frank.

What is your favourite poem

Usually when I’m invited to contemplate personal favourites among poets and their poetry I hark back to contemplate what the godfathers of Australian poetry (A.B. (The Banjo) Patterson and Henry Lawson represent for me. I feel great affection for both these writers as communicators and storytellers in their work.

While I admire their work very much and often refer to Patterson’s Clancy of the Overflow (, or Lawson’s short story The Drover’s Wife ( as examples of work that inspires me in my own storytelling efforts, today my contemplations have led me…

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23 thoughts on “Meet poet, Frank Prem, and learn his thoughts about poetry

      1. Thank you Robbie, yes I am well, taking time out to chill out away from everything helps.. But it puts me behind everything in blog land … I hope to put a garden blog together soon… We had a horrendous week of storms and high winds, so we have been busy harvesting and I have been freezing and picking…. While hubby is digging up the potatoes for storage.. 😀
        Love and Thanks Robbie.. ❤

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