The future of education

I am over at Writing to be Read with a post about the future of education. Thanks for hosting me, Kaye Lynne Booth.

Writing to be Read

In March 2020 the world went mad. A new virus called Covid-19 started spreading rapidly among humans and by the end of that month most countries were engaged in a horrible new way of life called lock down. As with many other countries, lock-down in South Africa started with the closure of our schools.

The schools were given a minimum period of four business days to prepare for lock down and, in the case of my sons school, a home school programme. Fortunately, their school had seen the way the wind was blowing and had started preparing for a potential closure period earlier in the month. Even so, the teaching staff were not afforded much time to get themselves ready to go completely on-line with teaching.

On Thursday, the 18th of March my sons started on-line learning. It wasn’t badly implemented, despite the short timeline, and they had had Google…

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25 thoughts on “The future of education

  1. I read this, yesterday, Robbie. You’ve hit the nail on the head. School is not like adult education.
    Kids need to be in school. The option of online schooling is good, in emergency, but not as a permanent solution.
    Children need interaction with others, full stop.

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  2. Loved your post on educating children Online because of COVID. My daughter is a counselling physiologist and she teaches in an IB School. She too has become so busy from the month of March till date and says very difficult for children to learn from home. School is school where children learn upfront so much.

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  3. I think the school plays an important role that has to do with more than just the subjects studied, but even if that were all, there are still many conditions necessary to make online education work for all children. Thanks for your post, Robbie.

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    1. I agree with you, Olga. Physically schooling is much better for children and even university is much nicer in a real life form. I studied correspondence so I know how lonely it is to study all alone.


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