#Sundaystills – Wild and Weird

Terri’s Sunday Stills challenge this week is wild and weird. Hmmm! I didn’t think I had anything I’d made from fondant that fitted that description. Terri twisted my rubber arm, however, so I dug around in my photograph archives and found these pictures:

Here are my fondant depictions of Hear no evil, Speak no evil and See no evil
Here is the cake I made for Michael’s 13th birthday of teenage boy in bed. Can you see the cell phone and headphones
The mother

The picture above is part of my new Covid-19 memories cake art series. I’ll be sharing the first cake on Sunday, 2 August. It was supposed to be next week but we had to push our family celebration out because on of the families has been exposed to C-19 and is in quarantine for 2 weeks.

This is a mother with a basket of washing. I said to Greg, my oldest, look, its me. He said, “no, you don’t have brown hair.” I said: “Your right, its not me, the washing basket is far to small.”

Have a great week.

If you would like to join in Terri’s weekly Sunday Stills challenge, you can do so here: https://secondwindleisure.com/2020/07/19/sunday-stills-wild-and-weird-perspectives/

56 thoughts on “#Sundaystills – Wild and Weird

    1. Hi John, unfortunately, my boys have grown up with a full time domestic helper and have never done their own washing in their lives. We don’t have home help at the moment with the virus being so bad here in SA so I am doing it. They change their clothes during the day and aren’t careful about the washing as they’ve never had to be. It takes time to reteach behaviour.

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      1. HA! I remember when I worked with Prince Edward, and asked him once how he plans for a long trip overseas…he told me: “I have no idea…whatever they pack I wear!” You might have two Princes of your own! Hang in there!

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      1. I know, Robbie. When I was in the classroom, I got sick from students’ flu and cold.

        The Los Angeles school district, second largest in the US, just announced to have full time online teaching in the fall. We’re not out of the pandemic any sooner.

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      2. Oh my, that is not good news. We are right in the height of this horrible virus too. We have the fifth highest number of cases in the world now and I personally know two people who have died. So tragic.


    1. I think it will be okay, TAndy. My nephew was exposed to a teacher but the school is imposing very strict measures and he was wearing a mask and just about dipped in hand sanitiser from head to toe. We have to protect Michael and my mom so we are playing it safe.


      1. I know exactly what you mean about destressing. Working with our hands smooths out the peaks and troughs of our emotions. My normal go-to is gardening, especially building terraces with field stone. They’re just small terraces, but the act of fitting the right stone in the right place is incredibly satisfying. 🙂

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    1. I may have mentioned to you, Jacqui, that Greg is OCD. He does tend to change his clothes a few times during the day. I’d rather wash them than get him all stressed out over exam periods.


  1. An excellent idea for a series, Robbie. I hope your relative stays well. Yes, teachers are among the professionals at risk but people don’t always seem to remember that. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more images!

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    1. You are right about teachers being at risk, Olga. Not an easy situation, especially as many are older and more high risk. I am glad you enjoyed my cakes and I am looking forward to the fun of this cake series.


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