WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-FEATURED AUTHOR OF THE WEEK:campbellsworld Welcomes author Robbie Cheadle #Interview

I am over at Campbell’s World with a post about my life, my day job and my writing. Thank you to Patty Fletcher for hosting me today.

Pattys World

Hello everyone.

Not long ago I gathered up my courage and reached out to Robbie and asked if she would be a guest in my ‘Featured Author of the Week’ series.

She wrote back to say that she’d be happy to join me and here’s what she has to share.

So, without further ado, I give you author Robbie Cheadle!

First, in your own words tell us a little about you.

Hi Patty, thank you for inviting me over to guest post on your lovely blog.

I am a chartered accountant and I work in the stock exchange and capital markets division of my firm, an accounting and auditing practice. My role comprises project managing the financial information requirements aspects of documents prepared for various stock exchange purposes, mainly the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa, but I also work with the requirements of the London Stock Exchange, Toronto Stock…

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34 thoughts on “WORDPRESS WEDNESDAY-FEATURED AUTHOR OF THE WEEK:campbellsworld Welcomes author Robbie Cheadle #Interview

  1. Great interview! I didn’t realise your parents lived with you. It’s good to hear about several generations staying together. It’s good to read about other writers’ journey. Good luck!

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    1. Does it? I thought most of my blogging friends knew I was a chartered accountant but I have discovered many did not. I had to study for seven years to qualify but at least I enjoy my job … most of the time [wink!]


  2. Hi Robbie,
    I’m planning to launch a Penable Academy at the end of September with free online writing courses for anyone to access and learn from.
    I was wondering if you could do a short course on writing for children.
    Kindly let me know your thoughts.
    You can reach me at: penableme@gmail.com

    Regards and stay safe,
    H.R Phoenix, penable.net

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