Celebrating 6 Years Of Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT With Team Member Robbie @bakeandwrite

I am over at Rosie Amber’s blog today with a post about what I’ve gained by joining an on-line book club. The post is part of Rosie’s series of post celebrating 6 years of Rosie’s Book Review Team. Thank you, Rosie, for all you do for readers and authors.

Rosie Amber

Recently we celebrated our review team’s six year anniversary by revealing fourteen of the team’s favourite books.

You can find out which books they were in part one and part two.

I invited some of my team members to tell us more about being part of the book reviewing team.

Welcome to Robbie Cheadle, who also writes book reviews at Robbie’s Inspiration Blog

I have always been a reader. I read books at such a fast rate when I was a young girl that my own four library cards were not enough. I used to use my younger sister’s three library cards as well as my own [Cath was not a big reader back then and preferred to visit her friends down the road than read] and I still had to make two trips a week to the local library. That mean I read at least fourteen books a…

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19 thoughts on “Celebrating 6 Years Of Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT With Team Member Robbie @bakeandwrite

  1. Congratulations on that sixth anniversary in your book review group. It is seen that had a fruitful work. Good for your excellent work. And you can see your satisfaction in the photo. Your wide smile, gives a special shine to your face. Well deserved you have them

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      1. Without a doubt it will be a great satisfaction to do so. I’m happy for you because you are a very talented person to write. So that’s why I enjoy your blog.

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  2. I’m so pleased to find out my blog helped you discover Rosie’s group… You’re a great addition to the team and I enjoy your reviews (and your recipes and stories). I had a similar experience with my writing as a child, although as a teenager I did find quite a few girls in school who had also quite advanced tastes and were big readers, so we used to exchange books. Thanks for being another amazing member of the team, Robbie.

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