#SundayStills – Perspectives on…

Terri Webster Schrandt’s Sunday Still’s prompt this week is square perspectives. Hmmm! I can’t think of any perspectives I have created with squares so I’m just going to share some perspectives photographs.

POV – surprise or shock
POV – Daydreaming
My perspective on water shortages
My perspective on imagination

You can join in Terri’s challenge here: https://secondwindleisure.com/2020/07/05/sunday-stills-perspectives-on/

33 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Perspectives on…

  1. Great “fondant perspectives” Robbie! Your interpretations are so creative and fun! The drought image reminds me of ours in California a few short years ago. The images didn’t need to be squared for my challenge, just for Becky B’s! Glad you could join in today!

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    1. Thank you, Sue, the tap and desert cake was a piece of art messaging. I am starting a series now called C-19 memories which will also contain messaging. I need a bit of an art challenge to keep me focused and happy. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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