Music that makes me happy

A few of my blogging friends have been posting about music during this Coronavirus pandemic time in all our lives. These posts have taken various twists and turns and they have inspired me to look for some of the songs that uplift and inspire me.

My blogging friend, Steve Bottch, recently shared an amusing post about previously popular songs which would need to change their lyrics in order to crack it in our new social distancing world. You can read his post here:

I thought I would also share songs that don’t include any touching of other people.

The first song is Open a New Window from the fantastic musical Mame. I must confess that I was always a strange little girl with odd tastes. When I was very young, about 8 or 9 years old, I used to play my mother’s records on her ancient record player. Most of her records were from theatre productions she had seen when she lived in London. Mame was a huge favourite of mine and I still know all the songs.

Another record I enjoyed and listened to over and over again was Cabaret. My sister and I attended a local production of this incredible musical a few years ago. We both remembered all the words and treated all the people in the garage to our can-can version of the song, Don’t Tell Mama after the show. I don’t think Terence has ever quite recovered from that night! I remember it fondly.

This last song is one I like to sing in the car when I have to do something scary like address an audience including the media or appear on television. I find the words of this song very inspiring and, of course, Jonathan Roxmouth is knock dead gorgeous and has an amazing voice.

How do you feel about music? Does it uplift you when you feel down or anxious?

81 thoughts on “Music that makes me happy

  1. I remember my parents seeing the movie “Caberet” when it came out. My mother in particular just loved the music. I do listen to music to make myself feel better. Last night I found a 1972 Chuck Berry performance on YouTube that lifted me out of a very deep funk.

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  2. I loved Cabaret, we did see it in the West End, probably squashed amongst many people, old London theatres not built for social distancing – who would have thought sitting alone in your room would be the norm now! I love all sorts of music, reflective or lively, I like to be surprised when I turn on the radio. Music is definitely one of the comforts that keeps me going.

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  3. Some great music here. I love musicals and so did my daughter as a child. We attended many together. I look after a 13-year-old here in Spain and she brings DVDs of musicals including Mame! So I don´t think you strange at all.

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  4. My taste ranges from trance to classical. My favorite musical is ‘West Side Story,’ and “America,” my favorite song from it. Yesterday, I listened to the second Side of ‘Abbey Road.’ I closed my eyes and let the music take over.

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  5. I can’t say I’ve heard of Jonathan Roxmouth, but I love Caberet. And couldn’t be without music – still a huge fan of Beatles, Pink Floyd and certain types of rock, but enjoy all kinds of popular music from the 40s to noughties as well as a touch of classical and blues. I need music while I cook! Not that I cook very well…

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    1. I like the Beatles and Pink Floyd too, Mike. I listen to music when I bake sometimes. I used to listen to audio books but found that I got distracted and left out ingredients. Jonathan Roxmouth is a South African star, he does have a great voice.

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    1. It is nice to know you also like musicals as a child. I think I was the only girl in my grade who liked them when I was at school. Jonathan Roxmouth went abroad on a tour about two years ago. I don’t know if he came home before the lockdown. Our theatres were supposed to open this week.

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  6. What a lovely post, Robbie – and I agree there is nothing like a good musical. Mame was fabulous. I think my favourite is South Pacific because of the beautiful songs alongside a very good story. Toni x

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  7. Oh goodness yes. The dancing round the kitchen school of self medicating is alive and well in this part of South london. George Ezra is my current go to happy pill but tomorrow it might be anyone

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  8. I love these songs and reminded me of my young days. My husband and me loved Saturday Night Fever and John dancing, then rock & roll and Elvis and Beetles. Those were the days when we would go dancing and enjoyed our days. Nice post, Robbie.

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      1. That is so nice to hear, Robbie and same here I loved John Travolta and even Michael Jackson was too good though he came a little later. And what clear diction these singers had today you cant understand what these people are singing and only loud beats nothing else. Those were happy days Robbie.


  9. As soon as I heard Angela Lansbury’s voice in the Mame video I thought of Beauty and the Beast. And we enjoyed seeing Cabaret as well. I never heard of Jonathan, but what a voice.

    And to me, music can only lift up one’s spirit!

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  10. Robbie, what a delightful post and I’ve enjoyed listening to all the songs! 😀I’ve been to a lot of musicals in London, Yorkshire and the South East. It’s always a wonderfully uplifting experience. Alas, haven’t seen any of these … wonder when we will be able to go to the theatre again if they survive all this. Music is an integral part of my life and I’m sure like everyone else, I have special tunes for various moods! Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and wishing you and your family well. xx

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    1. Thank you, Annika. I am sure the theatres of London and the UK will survive. They came back after the black plague and Spanish flu so I’m believe they will recover after this too. Theatre is a part of English culture. I’m not so confident about South Africa’s theatres as it is only a small section of the population here that support them.

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  11. I was driving to our wedding rehearsal and was having pre marriage jitters. Just then on the radio came Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” I knew it was just for me and immediately calmed down!

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    1. What a delightful story, Elizabeth. I don’t remember having any worries about my wedding day. I had never planned an event before so wasn’t aware that anything could go wrong. Ignorance can be bliss sometimes.

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    1. I also love music and so does my husband. Generally not the same music though [smile]. I have promised I will share his favourite song this coming Friday seeing as he declined to start his own blog if he wants to share his musical interests with the world [wink].

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  12. I played each of your choices all the way through, 🙂 and loved your choice of Songs..
    Liza Minnelli Singing and the Lyrics I had not really digested before even though I had heard the song many times…
    And your last choice, I also love this Song, I have a CD where Micheal Ball sings it … And they sound uncannily similar..

    Music lifts my mood often.. And I will often listen to classical or piano music while painting… I also enjoy Guitar and especially Estas Tonne, whose playing is just remarkable..
    Thank you for sharing Robbie 🙂

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    1. It is my pleasure, Sue. I also listen to music and sometimes audio books when I do artwork and also housework. I find housework quite relaxing which seems quite a different attitude to most of my contemporaries. I like seeing my favourite things looking all bright and shiny.

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