Teaching your child to read

I am over at Writing to be Read with a post about teaching your child to read. My oldest son, Greg, was my experiment when it came to teaching a child to read and I forgot to start by teaching him the alphabet. It’s a good thing he’s quite smart.

Writing to be Read

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When my son, Gregory, was a small lad, he was eager to learn how to read as quickly as possible. He became positively frustrated because he was not able to read. Our local protocol is that children only start learning the alphabet in grade 0 (reception) and learning to read in grade 1 (the year they turn 7). Greg was only 5 when his inability to read became a problem for him.

I decided to start trying to teach Greg to read myself, after all how hard could it be … I’d been reading since I have 5 years old and I have two degrees and a great deal of determination. Well, it turned out to be a little more difficult and complex than I anticipated. We did get there in the end, but I am sure the path to success would have been easier if I have…

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30 thoughts on “Teaching your child to read

  1. I’ve been doing too much editing lately. Anyway, I noticed this: “The for main steps in teaching a” etc. For, four, fore. Very minor typo, but, as I said, I’ve been too deep into editing mode…

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      1. I am always in a rush, Trent, so proofing my posts is always done quickly and I miss things. I appreciate your pointing out my error so that I can fix it. Have a happy Friday.


    1. Thank you, Jacqui. In South Africa the curriculum is totally immovable on this aspect of learning. Children are not taught to read until they year they turn 7. Unfortunately, I am a non-conformist. Telling me I would damage my children’s education by teaching them to read was like waiving a red flag at a bull.


  2. I am not wondering about, Robbie! 😉 One need positive experiences first identified on third ones, to get love for reading and books. In my opinion, mothers are a role model. Will head over to read the whole posting. Michael

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