Dinah in Wonderland birthday cake

It is Terence’s birthday tomorrow so we celebrated this weekend.

Yesterday we had a braai at home with my parents. I made bread rolls which I have been dying to do. They came out very well and, just in case your wondering, the bigger one was for me [grin!].


Today, we had the birthday cake. I have been making the peonie and poppy flowers for this cake for about a month. I also made 8 cats for the display.

I decided to name this cake: Dinah in Wonderland.

In case you didn’t know, Dinah is the cat in Alice in Wonderland which is my favourite children’s book and my favourite Disney movie.


Dinah is the tiny black cat on the chocolate cake, with her mother and siblings in the background. She is dreaming of a cat wonderland which is full of mulicoloured cats have a wonderful time playing among giant colourful flowers.

The small round cake is a rich chocolate cake iced with chocolate ganache. I used 75% cocoa chocolate for the ganache and my family loved it.

The rectangular cake is an orange cake and the icing is a vanilla custard butter cream.

The recipe for this delicious icing is as follows:


3 egg yolks

75 grams castor sugar

1/4 cup cold water

1 teaspoon vanilla essence

180 grams softened butter


Dissolve the sugar in the water in a saucepan and bring to the boil on the stove. reduce the heat and gradually add the beaten egg yolks, beating the mixture all the time. The heat must be low our you will get scrambled eggs instead of egg custard.


In an electric mixture, beat the softened butter with the vanilla essence.


Beat the egg mixture into the butter mixture. It will be quite soft and runny. Put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour to harden.

Spread of your cake using a butter knife in the same way as you would spread butter icing.

This song from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland contributed to the design for my cake above:

72 thoughts on “Dinah in Wonderland birthday cake

    1. It was very nice, Jill. Orange and chocolate go well together. I was originally going to marble the two types of cake but that didn’t work out because I ran out of eggs to make the second cake so I did it like this instead.

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  1. Robbie, your cake()s look beautiful. A true artist in cake making is what you are.
    I have copied your recipe for the vanilla cuustard butter icing.
    Will try it for next birthday event.


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  2. I like how the cake is very thin compared to the characters on top of it.
    It has been a long time since I’ve seen Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. I may watch it again after listening to the song from it you linked to.

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    1. I chose to make the cake thin and long so that it would be a good platform. This cake can be baked in a deeper dish. I wanted the height difference between the two cakes to differential between reality and my dream world. I love Alice in Wonderland.

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  3. Alice in Wonderland was the second movie I saw as a small child. I will say the Cheshire cat terrified me. I love the tip that you have to be careful not to make scrambled eggs! A little like beating whipping cream into butter by accident.

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  4. Happy Belated birthday to Terrance! I can almost taste these wonderful cakes (although I’m not sure I’d dare to eat them. They are so pretty)! I hope you had a great time. Oh, and I like the look of the bread too. Thanks for sharing it, Robbie!

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    1. Thanks for visiting, Olga. Both cakes are very good and they last quite well which is a good thing as we can’t eat that fast. I have frozen the remains of the chocolate cake. The rolls came out very well and I will make them again.


  5. That icing recipe looks really, really good. I’ve never seen one with egg yolks–egg whites, but not egg yolks. Your cake decorations turned out beautifully, but I have my eye on the little chocolate cake taking a back seat to the main event.

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    1. This icing tastes like custard, Liz, and is really yummy. It is a bit of effort to make but worth it for a special occasion. I have frozen the remains of the chocolate cake, which is also delicious, but we just had to much cake.

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