Michael likes to bake and a Soetkoekies recipe video

Michael has always liked to bake. From a small baby of nine months old, he was always keen to help with mixing and tasting all sorts of mixtures, batters and foodstuffs.

Unlike my older son, Michael is an adventurous eater who is eager to try all sorts of different foods from curries, chillies and stews to pancakes and cakes. He eats mushrooms, olives and prawns which is not bad going for a 14-year old.

The other day I found some cute pictures of him as a baby having a chocolate cake bath.

Picture 220

Here he is eating olive bread.

Picture 136

Anyhow, last weekend Michael and I made Soetkoekies (Sweet biscuits) for mothers day. They came out really well.


You can find our Youtube video demonstrating how to make Soetkoekies here:



64 thoughts on “Michael likes to bake and a Soetkoekies recipe video

  1. I love those pictures of Michael, so adorable. My grandsons are like that, they are very adventurous eaters. These cookies look good, but I think if I try them, I will make a much smaller batch.

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    1. Hi Jill, I never minded cleaning the messes. Even now, my mom asked yesterday how long it takes me to make home made bread and I said it depended whether Michael helped or not. Somehow the mess doubles when I have help but the happy factor makes it well worth it.

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    1. Hi Liz, yes, I may have overdone it a tad. Never mind, they all got eaten and they last a long time. The recipe in my book makes half this quantity which is about thirty biscuits. I have about sixty and gave some to the car guards at the local shopping centre.

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  2. Awesome! I used to bake with my mom, and I still love to bake today. Not only was it a cool hobby to share, but I also got pretty good at it. I used to bring cooking into my elementary classroom—such a practical way to teach fractions.

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