Are there benefits to singing and rhyming verse for children?

I am over at Writing to be Read with a post about the benefits of singing and rhyming verse for children.

Writing to be Read

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I love nursery rhymes and children’s poetry. When my boys were younger we used to listen to children’s songs and nursery rhymes in the car wherever we went. We used to sing along and I even bought them bells and shakers so that they could join in the music making.

One of Gregory’s favourite nursery rhymes was Aiken Drum, a popular Scottish folk song and nursery rhyme. It is believed to have its origins in a Jacobite song about the Battle of Sherifmuir (1715).  You can listen to a version of it here:

I find nursery rhymes very fascinating, particularly when I probe the origins of some of them. Ring a ring o’ Roses, for example, is alleged to have originated from the black plague. A rosy rash was a symptom of the plague and posies of herbs were carried by people as protection and to cover up…

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17 thoughts on “Are there benefits to singing and rhyming verse for children?

      1. it’s been confusing, as the Mayor says one thing, the Country Commissioner another…we are required to wear facemarks anywhere we are outside….we’ll see how this next phase goes

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      2. We have the same requirement to wear face masks, John, and may only go out for specific and set purposes and certain times during the day. People are angry because we have a low infection rate here.


  1. Not only is singing a good way for kids to learn things, I also find it very helpful in church. At the Mass we sing a repetitive verse from a Psalm. While they vary from week to week, they do hang around in memory since the phrases are simple and set to a tune.

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  2. I always played a Nursery Rhyme cassette tape for my grandchildren when they were young. Aiken Drum was on it… that was the first heard it. The young ones loved it and I loved hearing them sing along and dance to the tunes. Perfect!

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  3. I love singing songs and doing rhymes with the kiddos at work. They absolutely love it. It’s funny to hear what they think rhymes even if it’s not a real word, but they have such a fun time 😊 so many learning opportunities. Thanks for the read 😊

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