#Flashfiction – Extra nutrition

“This bread is delicious, Mom. Can I have some more.”

“Of course, that’s why I’m baking fresh bread every day.”

“Why don’t you just buy it like you used to?”

“The grocery stores are not selling freshly baked bread. When the lock down restrictions reduce, the bakeries will re-open, but until then, I’m baking.”

“You could buy sliced bread.”

“I can’t stand those thin and insubstantial slices that taste like cardboard. Now that I look like Cousin Itt, with all this hair hanging down my back, I need extra nutrition to maintain it. Fresh bread with lots of butter.”

If you would like to learn how to make our delicious corn bread, you can find the recipe here:

If you like corn and would like to see some other fascinating and unusual corn recipes, pop over and visit John Rieber’s blog here: https://johnrieber.com/category/recipes/. John accidentally stockpiled rather a lot of corn and is enjoying finding new recipes to use it all up. While you are there, take a look around, John’s blog is terrific.

In case you can’t appreciate the similarities between me and Cousin Itt right now, here are some pictures to help you visualise the “problem”:


The above picture is me and the below one is Cousin Itt. Can you see the resemblance?

This post was written for Charli Mills’ Carrot Ranch weekly flash fiction challenge. Nutrition should have summoned up more sensible thoughts from me, but it didn’t. All I could think about was how much nutrition my body must be using to create all this hair. I have so much new hair coming too. Sorry Charli!

You can join in here: https://carrotranch.com/2020/05/07/may-7-flash-fiction-challenge-2/

53 thoughts on “#Flashfiction – Extra nutrition

  1. I just took my sewing scissors to the hair hanging over my husband’s ears. Desperate times call for desperate measures! I am baking lots having finally laid hands on enough ingredients.

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    1. Well done, Tandy, on cutting your own hair. I have just left mine and tie it back in a plait. My fringe I am clipping back in my old “80s style” bump. Giggle! I agree that people need to work. SARS announced the tax revenue was greatly down – Durrrr! What did they think would happen if they shut the whole economy down. I am so over this virus, every morning I have a pile of Covid-19 implication emails to wade through. Makes me a bit depressed.

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      1. It’s very hot today which makes it difficult for the dog. I’ve never made bread but if I can get some flour I might have a go.

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  2. I like making my own bread, if I have the time. Buying bread from the supermarket is often more convenient. I’ve never made cornbread though. I wouldn’t mind having a go at that sometime. Good story by the way 🙂

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  3. I am thankful that I became a keeper of sourdough starter and baker of bread. I am thankful that while others flocked to the toilet paper aisle I stocked up on flour. I am thankful that I was inspired to get my hair cut really short, just before. I am thankful for internet, that I can read your flashes, and more.

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    1. Hi Miss D, we also stocked up on flour and yeast and those useful things. I am also grateful as you can’t buy these things in our shops lately. We are keeping a look out and will buy when we see them to restock. I think we still have a long way to go in South Africa before we even see the peak of this disease. Thanks for visiting. At this rate, I will look like Rapunzel by the end of lock down.

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  4. I started growing out my bangs in December – couldn’t have chosen a better time, I guess, lol. By now, I would have taken scissors to them (as I’ve been known to do many times in the past with disastrous results). Bobbie pins are your friend right now, Robbie!

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  5. oh the bread sounds good and the cousin IT photo was a fun idea.
    It reminded me of when my mother did that years ago – with similar color hair to yours – so thanks for the memory –
    and you are so beautiful – such nice smile 🙂


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