How to make a Panda Bear out of fondant

Before Easter I made four little fondant creatures using an Easter egg for the body. One of my favourites is this little green panda bear with his sweet heart shaped face and yellow box tie.


You will find a YouTube video with step-by-step instructions on how to make him here: Greg is getting better at making the videos and has managed to add a free soundtrack.

You can find the illustrated PDF containing the step-by-step instructions here:


58 thoughts on “How to make a Panda Bear out of fondant

  1. Robbie, fantastic instructions on YouTube. And, you’re right, the panda is great. I was going to ask you, but asked Siri, instead. Fondant, then
    , is basically frosting? Or am I wrong? I’ll forward this to my DIL…Daughter-in-Law. 👍

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    1. Hi Steve, I am glad you enjoyed this. Fondant is also called sugar dough or sugar paste. It is frosting but it is pliable like play dough. Some children make the figures out of play dough and I have seen some African children making them out of clay from ditches.

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  2. Nice! I watched the YouTube production. The music had an oriental flavor to it. I’m unfamiliar with free soundtracks. How does that work?

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  3. I love your panda! Great idea about the egg. It’s quite sad, because here we have a tradition for Easter of cakes (la mona de Pascua),
    godparents would give to their godchildren for Easter Sunday, but this year that has become a bit problematic, and when I went to a bakery on Tuesday (it was my mother’s birthday), they still had plenty of the cakes left, although the shop attendant told me that some people were coming to get them now.
    Keep safe and take care, Robbie.

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