#Bookreview – Creative Solutions for the Modern Writer: Inspirational Tools to Fire Your Imagination by Harmony Kent

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What Amazon says

Creative Solutions for the Modern Writer is the perfect gift for the writer in your life.

Do you want to be an author? Are you struggling to find inspiration? Do you ever find it difficult to put words on the page? Or are you simply looking for novel ideas? If so, then this book is for you.

This little guide will help you unlock your story ideas and fire your imagination. The text covers things such as writing from various prompts, to using Chess, Tarot, and even nursing Triage (and much more) for developing your characters, story, and plot.

From the award-winning author of Polish Your Prose: Essential Self-Editing Tips for Authors—an excellent companion text—Creative Solutions focuses on the creative side of writing rather than the technical.

This book gives you the tools you need to make writing fun, as well as tips and techniques on creating characters and stories that will stay with you and your readers forever.

Crammed with easy-to understand examples, this guide is for writers of every genre—both fiction and non-fiction, literary, and commercial. But most of all, it’s about having fun and making friends with your muse.

My review

I read and enjoyed one of Harmony Kent’s fictional works and I was sufficiently impressed by her writing to pick up this non-fiction book about writing techniques and inspirational tools when it launched last year. I was not disappointed and learned a lot a developing good writing habits and ways of discovering inspiration for this book.

I have always edited as I write, this is largely due to the fact that I am a perfectionist and leaving something half done is difficult for me. This book encourages writers to not edit as they write but rather to ride the wave of your creativity and go back and edit later. I have tried this over the past week and have added double the words to my WIP. I didn’t not edit completely, but I did a lot less and felt I got a lot more words on paper this way. It is difficult to pick up on an incomplete idea so this advice makes perfect sense so that you get a piece of writing written down while it is fresh in your mind.

This books sets out lots of ideas for writing prompts which I find a great way of sharpening my writing skills. The author’s prompts have given me a lot of food for thought and I certainly won’t be running out of ideas in the foreseeable future. There are also great tips on using Tarot cards, horoscopes, chess boards and other items to generate ideas or to move your story along if you become bogged down or stale with your writing.

I thought this was a valuable writing tool and I will certainly be referring back to it going forward.

Purchase Creative Solutions for the Modern Writer: Inspirational Tools to Fire Your Imagination by Harmony Kent

80 thoughts on “#Bookreview – Creative Solutions for the Modern Writer: Inspirational Tools to Fire Your Imagination by Harmony Kent

    1. When I first started writing, Olga, I thought it was better not to read advice from other people as I though it would be limiting to my imagination. I have learned that is not the case and am benefiting from reading books like this one.

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  1. This sounds like a helpful handbook, Robbie. I can relate to always editing what I write, as I go. I do that with my book reviews, rewriting 2 or 3 sentences before I move on. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. Robbie, thank you so much for not only taking a chance on Creative Solutions, but also taking the time to review and post about it too. This just made my whole week. I’m well impressed that you increased your word count too. Fantastic. Best of luck with your writing and sending virtual hugs x

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  3. Thank you for this review, Robbie. I became a buyer when you explained we shouldn’t edit as we go. I’m hoping I can break that habit. 🙂 Congratulations, Harmony, on another well-received book. ♥

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      1. I think that not editing as you go is hard for all of us, all writers seem to have perfectionist tendencies. I must say that lightening up on the editing has helped me finished my novel which is 105 000 words. Of course, now I have to go back and edit it but I do believe it will be easier and more enjoyable to edit now the story is complete. Thanks for visiting, Gwen.


  4. I used to edit as I wrote also, but then read somewhere about getting the first draft down and editing later. It helped, and sounds like it worked for you also, Robbie. Congrats on the review to Harmony!

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  5. I had a hard time following the “don’t edit as you write” advice when I wrote The Fall of Lilith for the same reasons you mentioned. I have since heeded the advice, and it does help me get my first draft done much faster since there’s no interruption to my creative flow. Great review, Robbie! Congrats to Harmony!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your writing experiences, Vashti. I am always interested in learning how other writers do things. I need to start my editing this weekend but am letting it rest as instructed by those in the know – smile.

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  6. Harmony’s book looks like a good resource for a lot of new writers I’ve seen on Twitter who have the desire to write but aren’t quite sure where to go with it. I’ve shared Robbie’s review to encourage them to take a look at the book.

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