Here we are – a poem


Here we are

all staying at home

Gone is any concept

of spending time alone.


The room where we previously

gathered to eat

Is covered in school books

and far from neat.


I’ve discovered new attributes

my husband kept concealed

His grizzly bear side

has now been revealed.


Who would have thought

a teacher I’d become

To ensure my boys years of learning

do not quickly come undone.


The pain in my back

is now here to stay

my physiotherapy’s been postponed

to another distant day.


From my OCD son

I’ve had to hide the soap

Even the old fashioned one

that hangs from a rope.


We are all in this together

all in the same proverbial boat

Remember that when you feel grumpy

We all need to keep going and afloat.

By Robbie Cheadle



63 thoughts on “Here we are – a poem

  1. My youngest grandson has his second birthday tomorrow, but he had his party on Sunday. They have been isolated for two weeks as my son in-law had symptoms. The four of them spent Saturday making a fantastic birthday cake covered in colourful fondant sea creatures – not quite up to your creations Robbie!

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  2. Togetherness. Yes. I wonder if you could set up an ‘I-vant-to-be-alone’ room? Make it special and give each member of the family an hour’s worth of alone time as a treat each day.

    I know how very weird that sounds, but everyone needs to ‘dream’, and that’s hard to do when you’re with other people every waking hour.

    Btw your idea of getting the boys to help with those videos is pure genius. Perhaps the husband could help too. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi Meeks, thanks for visiting. Yes, the videos are a great way of keeping my boys occupied. I hope it helps some other kids stay entertained too. My boys are anxious so they are constantly seeking reassurance in subtle ways. I have to do what is needed to keep them settled.


    1. Hi Kim, yes, both boys have slowly crawled towards a full recover although it has taken 3 weeks. I have already been at home for 3 weeks and have another 2 1/2 weeks to go. Hmmmm! I might have written another poetry book by then – smile.

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  3. Dearest Robbie, keeping our sense of humour is essential during these trying times for the world..
    And Hope your back soon feels better.. I know the feeling as my regular acupuncture is cancelled too… ..
    I would thing many bears are grisly during this time.. My neighbour who works for himself is pulling his hair out, while he would love to do jobs around the home that need fixing.. No stores are open to buy materials..
    We are all in this boat together… Lets keep paddling and steering it with kindness and love.. ❀

    Much love my friend.. this left a big smile upon my face today ❀ Thank you ❀

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    1. Hi Sue, I am glad this made you smile. Laughter is always the best medicine, as they say. It is worse if you work for yourself and aren’t earning at all and can’t even do home improvements than working for a corporate. The corporates are going to be feeling the pinch after this shut down too though. I am trying to focus on each day and not try to speculate about the future. Keep well, Sue, and stay busy and industrious.

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      1. Thanks Robbie, yes focusing on the now, gardening, planting, painting and reading… trying to tune out as much as possible while being tuned in. lol… If that makes sense… You too take care…. Much love your way ❀

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  4. Hi Robbie – it is such a strange time for all of us, but we are, as you say, all in the same boat, going through similar experiences and adjustments. I think the isolation will keep the virus from spreading too fast and although the news is frightening, we are doing the right thing.

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