Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters by D Wallace Peach

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Amazon says

Grumpy Ana Goblyn is sour, dour, and cranky. Her lips droop in a frown. She’s bored with every place and person in her friendly town. With the help of her father, she builds a spaceship and travels to a soggy planet where she meets her perfect monster playmates. But there’s a problem! The monsters see her grouchy frown and think she’s a monster. In this children’s space adventure, Ana discovers that her attitude affects her happiness, and she can change it if she chooses.

My review

This children’s picture book by D. Wallace Peach contains everything such a book should: marvelous and colourful pictures, an easy to read and interesting rhyming verse story and a happy ending.

Ana is a grumpy child, nothing in her life suits her and she is disgruntled with her lovely village, comfortable home, doting parents and friends. She wants to get away from it all and travel into space to find a place to live that is as gloomy as she is. Her father indulges her and helps her build a spaceship to the stars. Ana sets off in search of her utopia and finds a dark and gloomy planet inhabited by monsters. Ana is afraid, but when she sees their marvelous scowls she decides they can be friends. Surprise, surprise, the monsters take one look at Ana’s grumpy face and they think she is the monster and run away. What will Ana do now?

This is a delightful book for children and very relevant in today’s society where we have a tendency to spoil our children and make them ungrateful. The message is there but it is couched in an entertaining and fun story which younger children will enjoy.

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