Two poems to inspire you

The amazing Wayne from Tofino Photography blog has inspired me to share these upbeat tanka poems in this time of self isolation and anxiety. If you haven’t met Wayne and experienced his amazing blog, you should go over immediately and put that right.


Adapt by Robbie Cheadle

Spread your wings and fly

When the going gets tough but

Be adaptable

Glide sideways or upside down

If it helps achieve your goals

Eagle eye

Eagle eye by Robbie Cheadle

During times of trial

A different perspective

Is required by all

In order to innovate

Reaching the improbable


63 thoughts on “Two poems to inspire you

      1. Yes Robbie he is too good. All shut and we are in quarantine till 31st March. What about you people. Today we were not allowed to come out of our houses. Let us see tomorrow. Our trains will work only for medical staff and buses are working but all people have to work from home.

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    1. Thank you, Michael. Wayne’s pictures reminded me about how our wildlife has had to adapt as their lives change as a result of human intervention. We are going to have to do the same for the time being.


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