Welcome to Day 3 of the “WHILE THE BOMBS FELL” Blog Tour! @bakeandwrite @4WillsPub #RRBC

Thank you to Denise Finn for hosting me for Day 3 of my While the Bombs Fell book tour. This post focuses on the flowers and natural pleasures that children enjoyed despite the on-going war.

Denise writes lovely poetry and books and maintains a lovely blog. Do go over and check it out.

Please welcome fellow #RRBC  AUTHOR, ROBERTA EATON CHEADLE, on her tour “While the Bombs Fell” Day # 3


While the Bombs Fell

The joys of flowers and nature

While the bombs fell is a collaboration between my mother, Elsie Hancy Eaton, and me and tells a fictionalized account of her life as a small girl growing up in the small English town of Bungay, Suffolk during World War II.

Despite the food, fuel and clothing shortages faced by people during World War II in Britain, children still derived joy from the natural environment and took pleasure in the flowers, trees and other beautiful things around them.

I can always remember my mother telling me about all the gorgeous flowers that grew on Bungay common when she was a small girl. After a long, cold winter, the first flowers to show their face and announce the coming of spring were the snowdrops. The snowdrops were pretty, with a single small,

white bell-shaped flower that drooped on their stems.

Carry on reading here: https://dlfinnauthor.com/2020/03/10/welcome-to-day-3-of-the-while-the-bombs-fell-blog-tour-bakeandwrite-4willspub-rrbc/

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