Welcome to Day 2 of the “WHILE THE BOMBS FELL” Blog Tour! @bakeandwrite @4WillsPub #RRBC

I am visiting John Fioravanti over at Fiora Books by John Fioravanti blog with a post about the benefits of living on a farm for civilians living in England during WW2. Do pop over and visit, John, and while you are there, have a look at his terrific books which are listed in the sidebar.

Fiora Books by John Fioravanti

Book cover for While The Bombs Fell

It’s my pleasure to host colleague and fellow member of Rave Reviews Book Club, Robbie Cheadle, to our Fiora Books site today. Please support this gifted author.

The benefits of living on a farm during the war

While the bombs fell is a collaboration between my mother, Elsie Hancy Eaton, and me and tells a fictionalized account of her life as a small girl growing up in the small English town of Bungay, Suffolk during World War II.

Life for the children of a farmer in England during the war brought a lot of benefits compared to city and other children.

The greatest good fortune for my mother and her family was that, as a farmer, their father was exempt from fighting in the war. Farmers, like firefighters, medical practitioners and policemen, were considered to provide an essential service to the nation. All the other men in the town, between…

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16 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 2 of the “WHILE THE BOMBS FELL” Blog Tour! @bakeandwrite @4WillsPub #RRBC

  1. Robbie, it’s interesting to read about the benefit of the families living in the farms during war time. My parents moved back to China for the same reason. They had a little business in Hong Kong but when they moved back to China, my parents and my paternal grandmother ran a farm. My older sister was in charge of feeding the 500-pound pig.

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      1. Yes, they do. I went with my sister and her husband who took Patrick’s dad to China to visit his uncle because Patrick’s dad started having memory problem. His uncle had a little patch to grow vegetables, a bamboo cage to keep the chicken, a well and other essential daily needs. I was impressed.

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