Two birthdays

I have added the link to the recipe for hummingbird cake for those of you who requested it. Enjoy!

Robbie's inspiration

It has been a weekend of birthdays. I was supposed to post this yesterday, but the celebrations continued later than expected and I just ran out of time.

Today, my oldest son, Gregory, turns seventeen. Wow, I can’t believe it. He has an identity book and will be applying for a learner driver’s licence soon. Eeeek! I’m not ready for that!

I also had my birthday on Saturday. It is nice to be 38 [AGAIN!!!].

I spent the weekend making two cakes to mark these two events.

Gregory insisted on wanted a hummingbird cake. He asks for this cake every year and doesn’t want any decoration. No fondant, he cries says.

So here is the masterpiece. Hummingbird cake is made with crushed pineapple, mashed banana and chopped pecan nuts. The boys were not keen to help me by chopping the nuts, but I reminded them of the story of the…

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