Meet poet and writer Colleen Chesebro

I am hosting poet, author and blogger, Colleen Chesebro today on Treasuring Poetry over at Writing to be Read, with Kaye Lynne Booth. Thank you Colleen, for being our guest and sharing some lovely poems and thoughts about poetry.

Writing to be Read

thumbnail_Treasuring Poetry Treasuring Poetry

Today, I am delighted to welcome poet, author and blogger Colleen Chesebro to the Treasury Poetry series. The aim of this series is to introduce poets and poetry lovers to each other and to share reviews for some of the lovely poetry books available.

Welcome Colleen!

What is your favorite poem? Include it with your answer

This is a difficult question because I enjoy many kinds of poetry. However, I love the Beat Poets the most. Jack Kerouac and Allan Ginsberg always come to mind, both with their excellent Haiku. However, my favorite poem from Allan Ginsberg is called, “Sunflower Sutra.”

Sunflower Sutra


I walked on the banks of the tincan banana dock and sat down under the huge shade of a Southern Pacific locomotive to look at the sunset over the box house hills and cry.

Jack Kerouac sat beside me on a…

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16 thoughts on “Meet poet and writer Colleen Chesebro

  1. Loved the ‘Shelley’ poem…the English Romantic Poets were my favorite in college – and, now!
    Colleen is wonderful in her word-craftiing… ♥

    Mirror Images
    I once looked at men like you,
    old men, frail and haunted…
    That was when youth declared
    that I would live forever.
    How hard it was to see then…
    How easy it is to see now.
    Life was moonlight and promises…
    So soon came ecstasy and joy.
    When did it get this late?
    When did the tree sap harden?
    Where is the gold I sought?
    Where is the key I held?
    Why is the day no longer long?
    Why does morning come so late?
    What is the mystery to solve?
    What day the reckoning?

    From the opening of: “The Cracked Mirror – Reflections of an Appalachian Son?” – by BR Chitwood

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  2. What a surprise to find that one who writes as she does loves Ginsburg. I taught “Howl” years ago in college poetry classes as the Viet Nam War was winding down. Ginsburg was fiercely anti-war.

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