Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action by Darlene Foster

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Darlene Foster has a lovely series of travel combined with mystery books for middle school readers. Amanda is Holland is the fourth book in this series I have read and it certainly did not disappoint me.

What Amazon says

Alongside her best friend Leah, Amanda is in Holland to see the all the sights: tulips, canals, Anne Frank House, windmills, and even a wooden shoe factory. She is also keen to find out what happened to her great uncle, who never returned from World War II. What she doesn’t expect is to find and fall in love with an abandoned puppy named Joey. While trying to find a home for him, she meets Jan, a Dutch boy who offers to help, a suspicious gardener, a strange woman on a bicycle, and an overprotective goose named Gerald. Follow intrepid traveler Amanda around Holland as she encounters danger and intrigue while trying to solve another mystery in a foreign country.

My review

Amanda in Holland is the latest addition to the exciting Amanda series of books written by Canadian author, Darlene Foster. Each book in the Amanda series is set in a different country and details some of the amazing cultural and historical sites as well as dishes, drinks and clothes that are specific to that country. This aspect of the series makes it unusual and appealing to young and older readers.

Amanda, who lives in Canada, travels to Holland to meet up with her best friend, Leah Anderson and her father, who live in England. Mr Anderson is in Holland for business purposes and the two teenage girls are free to enjoy themselves seeing all the wonderful historical and cultural sites Holland has to offer. The story starts with a bang when Amanda is nearly ridden over by a woman on a bicycle on her first morning in Amsterdam. The woman’s behaviour is a bit odd and this event is followed by Amanda and Leah discovering a young puppy which has been abandoned in a box next to a rubbish bin around the corner from a cheese shop they are visiting.

Mr Anderson agrees for the girls to keep the dog until it can be taken to an animal shelter and this decision sets in motion a series of occurrences that draw Amanda and Leah into an exciting adventure involving selling animals from puppy farms and stealing rare tulip bulbs. While the two girls investigate the mysterious circumstances of the abandonment of the puppy and the strange behaviour of various individuals who keep turning up, like the woman who nearly ran Amanda over, they also visit a number of interesting places such as the hide out of Anne Frank of The Diary of Anne Frank fame, the Keukenhof Botanical Gardens and a Canadian war-memorial cemetery. Amanda has the picture of her great uncle Harold who disappeared in Holland during the war and whose grave she is hoping she might find. The two girls meet a number of interesting people and get to spend time with a number of Dutch people who introduce them to some delicious Dutch treats.

The book is action packed and filled with interesting titbits of information about life in Holland, WWII and perseverance and determination in unraveling a mystery.

Amanda is a clever and kind girl who will appeal to middle school and young teenagers who will admire her pluck.

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58 thoughts on “Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action by Darlene Foster

  1. As I’ve been reading reviews of books such as this one, they sound very appealing, and I’d like to get them for my younger grandnephew, but I’m concerned that he wouldn’t like a female protagonist. I hope I’m not being hopelessly sexist. Was your experience with your boys that they preferred to read books about other boys, or it didn’t matter?

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    1. Thanks, Liz. I have just as many boy fans as girl readers and they seem to enjoy the books. There is a boy in every book as well as mysteries and situations boys like. I read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys as a child and loved all of them. A good one to start might be Amanda in New Mexico, as it has references to the Wild West and has cowboys in it (even a ghost cowboy!) Caleb, Amanda’s friend plays a big part in that book. I would love to hear what he has to say, should you get one of the books for him.

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    2. Hi Liz, I read a few of these with Michael and he didn’t ever comment on the fact that Amanda is a female character. He attended a mixed gender school and I think he just took it in his stride. This book has a male secondary character so it does feature both genders.

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  2. I recently read one of Darlene’s books from this series (Amanda in Alberta.) One of the things that book did (this one sounds similar) was to cleverly incorporate lots of historical information about Alberta.

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      1. I don’t know if you saw it, Darlene, but I left a review of your delightful book on Amazon last week. Amanda is terrific, and I look forward to reading another book in the series.

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