#SundayStills – Sweets

Terri’s prompt this week is sweet things which is a perfect fit for my weekend which has involved a lot of chocolate moulding.

The boys have to do eighteen hours of community service a year for their school and I have to do seven and a half hours for my work place. On Friday, my division at work is hosting a Valentine’s event where we will be selling roses and chocolates to people to raise money for charity. We are aiming to raise R45 000 to fund the building of toilets for an under privileged school.

I volunteered to make the chocolates and my boys helped me. Actually, they did most of the work and I supervised them. We needed to make 50 bags of chocolates and that required three sessions of chocolate making. Each session involved melting 1 kg of chocolate, tempering it to get the temperature right to mould and set the chocolate, spooning the melted chocolate into the moulds, sticking a sticker onto each packet, unmoulding the chocolates, packing them into the packets and, finally, tying each bag with ribbon. It took us all five hours to make the 50 bags as there was also the washing up which seems to increase by double when the boys help me [or I help them depending on how you look at it].

Anyhow, here is the fruit of our labour:



Michael and I have a new Sir Chocolate book coming out soon, Sir Chocolate and the Ice cream Rainbow Fairies story and cookbook. This is the cover:

Sir Chocolate and the icecream rainbow fairies square cover

Here is the Banana Toffee Fairy:


She is also very sweet, isn’t she?

You can join in Terri’s prompt here: https://secondwindleisure.com/2020/02/09/sunday-stills-sweet-deals-ahead/

46 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Sweets

  1. I love community service for kids, particularly when they understand that they can help in what seem like really big problems. Raising money for school toilets would be such a project. Our grandchildren do various things like this. Here we have a homeless population near our church, so the Sunday school made snack bags last month to distribute. Then the kids don’t feel so helpless when they see the street people.

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    1. I am always surprised to hear about homeless people in the US, Elizabeth, although I know you have this problem. It doesn’t feel as if the US should have such a problem with your strong and vibrant economy. It is lovely for the children to feel a bit empowered about fighting poverty.

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    1. Hi Steve, the school children are required to do community services and it is built into their school curriculum. You cannot pass matric without getting the necessary hours so it is important. The hours must be signed off by a responsible person who represents the charity or organisation. From a work perspective, it also is built into employees performance goals and is measured by the company.

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    1. Well, my experience is that people aren’t keen to give up their time. They don’t mind giving some money, but time is precious especially when you work full day. I don’t mind giving time as I like children and chocolate. I ran the Sunday School at our local church for years.

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