Two lovely children’s picture books by Judy Mastrangelo

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I came across children’s book author and illustrator, Judy Mastrangelo, on Facebook and I was total amazed by her beautiful artwork. I have subsequently bought a few of her delightful books for my nieces who have loved them. I am reviewing the two books I bought as Christmas presents for my seven year old niece today.

Mystical Fairies (Portal to the Land of the Fae (Book 1))

What Amazon says

Mystical Fairies describes the Fairy World, showing the fantastic Beings who inspire and uplift mankind. These beautiful creatures are depicted through lovely vivid, and detailed paintings.

My review

This first book in the Portal to the land of fae series provides a beautiful introduction to the many fairies who inhabit the fantasy world created by Judy Mastrangelo. Each fairy is linked to our natural world in some way and is tasked with caring for nature and its many elements. The fairies also care for the spirits of the humans and ensure they have sweet dreams.

The book contains a strong message about the importance of caring for our environment and depicts the fairies as the custodians of nature and the natural environment. This message is delivered as an integral part of the rhyming verse poems about the various fairies and will be absorbed by little ones without being obvious enough to be preachy or off-putting to young children.

The illustrations are amazing, the author has a wonderful talent which she has put to good use in this book. My favourite of the fairies illustrated a poem entitled Follow Your Shining Star. This short extract gives and idea of the illustration that accompanies it:
“A fairy made of Sparking Stars
Glows brightly, floating through Violet Night.”

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Flower Fairies

Flower Fairies (PORTAL TO THE LAND OF FAE Book 2) by [Mastrangelo, Judy]

What Amazon says

The secret world of tiny Flower Folk is revealed in this richly and beautifully illustrated book. Learn about the graceful Fairies and whimsical Elves who live within this lovely hidden land in every garden.

My review

This is the third book I have read in this delightful series and it is the one that I loved the most. The idea of each flower being protected by its own fairy was one of my favourite fantasies as a young girl and this book with its incredible illustrations has brought my childhood dreams to life.

The second poem in this book, Parade of Flowers, is a gorgeous introduction to all the flowers in the garden and the order of their appearance and the illustration of the flower fairies marching in a line is adorable.

Each flower has its own fairy and illustration, many of which depict small children and are just so cute. My two favourite poems depicted elves. The first, Daffodil Elf, says:
“He loves to sit on his
sunny yellow Daffodil
and look out upon
the Bright Blue Sky.”
I love the bright yellow of daffodils and this poem captured my imagination.

The other poem I adored is called Sweet Pea Elves and is illustrated with two naughty little boy elves eating sweets. This is just so typical of little boys.
“Every chance they get,
they nibble on Candy, Cakes and Cookies.
These Elves will climb up miles and miles on their vines,
to get a Yummy Treat.”

I bought this book as a Christmas present for my niece but I love it so much, I think I will be ordering one for me.

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About Judy Mastrangelo

Judy Mastrangelo has painted her whole life. She has also written and illustrated several books, which include themes of poetry, fairy tales, and fairies. Many wonderful artists of the past were a great influence in her artwork, such as those of the Italian Renaissance, the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and Artists of the Golden Age of Illustration, such as Maxfield Parrish and Beatrix Potter. Her books are now published by IMAGINATION BOOKS:

Judy licenses her artwork in several markets. Many products which use her paintings are available for purchase to the public. Some of these products include wall murals from “MAGIC MURALS,” cross stitch patterns from “HEAVEN AND EARTH DESIGNS,” art for inspirational card decks produced by “US GAMES SYSTEMS Inc.,” and night lights produced by “NIGHT LIGHT DESIGNS”. Many fine art prints of her paintings are available for purchase from,, and several other art print companies.

You can see and hear podcasts about Judy’s artwork on YouTube. These include some radio interviews, plus several teaching podcasts about the steps she takes in the creation of her art.
Judy daydreams about her paintings for a while before putting them on canvas. This preliminary technique of “Mind-Painting” helps her to develop an imaginative work of art.

To learn more about her art and products, and to sign up for her newsletter, please visit:



36 thoughts on “Two lovely children’s picture books by Judy Mastrangelo

  1. Thank you so very much for your wonderful reviews of my two books Robbie! You’re so kind to do this. I wish you the best of luck with your delightful books! You’re very creative, talented, and imaginative.

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  2. I love faeries, Robbie. I painted many ceramic faeries as part of my collection among the angels. These books are so beautiful and I love the happy and important messages. I’m glad you bought those books to your nieces. Excellent reviews of both books.

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  3. Robbie, the books are beautiful and look magical … thank you for sharing your delightful reviews here! I am not surprised you have bought copies for your nieces … I imagine them quoting their favourite parts from them to each other!😀

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