Growing Bookworms: Making learning the alphabet fun

I am over at Kaye Lynne Booth’s blog, Writing to be Read, today with a post about Making learning the alphabet fun. I have shared some of the things I used to do with my son when they were at this stage with their learning.

Writing to be Read

Growing bookworks Jan 2020

In the Southern hemisphere, January is the time of year when our children start a new school year. This year, my youngest son is starting secondary (high) school which means, new environment, new friends, new teachers – just about new everything. He is anxious about it and I keep reminding him that the groundwork for this transition to high school has been laid over many years of nursery, pre-prep and prep school and he is well equipped to deal with the changes.

Sitting with him over the past few weeks of his holiday (and mine) and ensuring he reads [and understands] his first high school English set work book and his first Afrikaans (second language) reader, I was reminded of when I taught both my boys to read when they were six years old. In South Africa, children only start reading when they are seven, but my boys were keen…

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22 thoughts on “Growing Bookworms: Making learning the alphabet fun

  1. Your post took me all over Google until I finally found the poem my grandfather used to teach the alphabet. It is by Edward Lear and starts “A was once an apple pie.” Now that I have shared the title, you can find it. I have very fond memories of the silly rhyming and loved reciting it.

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    1. I also never found the learning to read with sight words worked well for my kids either. That is why I taught them myself. I taught them both phonics which also helped Michael, even thought he was remedial and they had their own methods of teaching reading at his school.


  2. These are great suggestions, Robbie. It is important that children, like your boys, want to read and enjoy it. I like the way you made learning fun with games and songs. I used the same phonics video with my classes at school. 🙂

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  3. Delightful post, Robbie! I tried to post a comment over there, but it won’t go through. I love your I Spy game. We used to play a game in the car taking a letter of the alphabet and making a name, place, and object. For example, “A, my name is Amy, I come from America, and I carry apples.” Great fun!

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    1. Hi Jennie, we used to play a similar game when I was in primary school. It had a few more categories and you had to complete each category with an answer that started with the selected letter. I loved that game. Thanks for reminding me of it.

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