#Christmas – Chocolate houses

I am a big fan of Christmas and have already made my 7 Christmas fruit cakes for the year. I am not busy make a different Christmas fairy to decorate them with; so far I have a Holly Fairy, a Snowflake Fairy, a Baby Fairy and a Christmas Tree Fairy. Four more to go and one idea I have is for a Mother Fairy.

I usually make at least one gingerbread house at Christmas time and, for the past two years, I have also made a couple of houses out of chocolate. These are nice as they make great gifts and are much simpler to make than a gingerbread house as there is no baking involved.

Here are a few of my chocolate houses:

Chocolate beach hut with a fondant bucket and spade.


Chocolate rainbow castle


Chocolate stage


Easter chocolate Swiss mountain hut

A variety of Christmas chocolate houses.

Carol from Retired? No one told me! blog is running some lovely Christmas blogs with all sorts of trivia, recipes and other interesting information. You can read one of her posts here: https://carolcooks2.com/2019/11/21/christmas-tis-the-season/.

63 thoughts on “#Christmas – Chocolate houses

  1. These are so cute! I loved the use of chocolate. I used to love when my kids did this at school. It was fun to help in class and then we did it at home, too. Haven’t made one in a while. Might have to do it this year with grandkids:)

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  2. I think the Swiss mountain hut is my favorite. A couple of friends and I are decorating gingerbread houses this weekend. Nothing as imaginative as yours – we cheat and by the kits. But it’s still fun.

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