#SundayStills – Something Scary

It was my mother’s birthday this week. This year she didn’t want a birthday party [actually she forbade one and refused to let me put 81 candles on her cake or have any fun] so we decided to have a Halloween party. We held this today and everyone had a great time even if it was about 35 degrees Celsius in the shade.


Jelly Bones, the fondant skeleton


Zombie Sugarbear


Count Sugular


Coffin cake with a Halloween creature tea party


I also used AllAuthor backgrounds to create this cute Halloween advert for my three scary books.

This post was written for Terri’s Sunday Stills prompt which you can join in here: https://secondwindleisure.com/2019/10/27/sunday-stills-is-anything-scarier-than-a-two-headed-hummingbird/

60 thoughts on “#SundayStills – Something Scary

  1. Robbie, a happy belated birthday to your mother! I remember you writing about the one last year and can’t belive it was a twelve months ago! I love your imaginative Halloween creations … i hope they don’t melt in that heat! We had our first real frost this morning, so pretty! Have a great week! 😀🎃

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  2. I love the creatures (and their names) and their cake. A Halloween party in the sun! I’m sure there’s a book there somewhere, Robbie! Thanks for sharing and happy belated birthday to your mother. ♥

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