#Bookreview – A long cool glass of murder by Colin Garrow

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What Amazon says

When taxi driver and amateur sleuth Terry takes on a new client, he doesn’t expect her to turn up dead. With echoes of his recent past coming back to haunt him, can he work out what’s going on before someone else gets killed?

‘Charis Brown’s elfin-like smile was, like the footsteps on the stairs, noticeably absent. She looked at me, looked at the dead woman and let out the sort of sigh I knew from experience meant it was going to be a long night.’

‘A Long Cool Glass of Murder’ is book #2 in the Terry Bell Mystery series.

If you love mysteries and amateur sleuthing, ski-mask-wearing villains and the occasional bent copper, this’ll be right up your everyday seaside-town street. Download your copy of ‘A Long Cool Glass of Murder’ now. Just scroll to the top of the page and select BUY to start your adventure today!

My review

A Long Cool Glass of Murder is an entertaining and fast paced murder mystery story with Colin Garrow’s special brand of British humour mixed into the whole exciting concoction to give it a unique and highly amusing flavour.

Terry Bell is a part time detective when he is not driving his taxi and ferrying clients to and from their destinations. He is engaged by a woman who tells him her husband is planning to murder her. He arranges to meet her at her home and when he arrives he finds her dead while strange music plays in the background. Terry finds himself being viewed with some suspicion by the investigating police as the person who found the body and this heightens when the police discover the dead woman is not who Terry thought she was.

Terry quickly comes to realise that he is being framed in some way for this crime, but he doesn’t know why or by whom. His girlfriend, Carol, and two other resourceful and savvy friends team up with him to help and unravel the mystery which becomes more and more involved and intriguing by the page. As the foursome discover clues that point towards the real murderer, it becomes apparent that Terry and Carol are in danger of their lives. The thugs involved in this murder have a lot more to answer for than just this single death.

I really enjoy Colin Garrow’s writing style and they way he describes his heroes and villains in an almost “over the top” way which makes the story really amusing while being full of intrigue and unexpected twists and turns.

I would recommend this book to fans of fast paced murder mystery stories with something different to offer.

Colin Garrow has a great blog which you can find here: https://colingarrow.org/

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