A cake to top them all – Teddy bears picnic

Last week it was my mom and dad’s wedding anniversary. They wanted to have a tea to celebrate and my mom asked me to make a cake. We agreed that I would make the teddy bears picnic cake for this event rather than her birthday on the 21st October. She has decided she would prefer a lunch for a birthday and a Halloween birthday cake. I wasn’t going to say no to making a Halloween cake so, of course, I agreed.

I had been making the teddy bears, flowers, teapot and other decorations for this cake for a few weeks before our holiday to Scotland.


On the Sunday before the event which was to be on a Tuesday as 24 September is a public holiday in South Africa, I made the cake. A rich chocolate and vanilla marble cake [both recipes are in Silly Willy goes to Cape Town]. I used a rectangular cake tin and then could have kicked myself because I had planned to use a large round tin and forgot. I had to make a plan to include the chocolate seesaw on the cake board, as the cake I made was not big enough for it.

I iced the cake with vanilla butter icing, coloured dark green, and, after icing it, I sprinkled it with desiccated coconut coloured grass green.


I then covered the cake board with royal icing and attached the chocolate pieces for the seesaw. I covered the playground with grated chocolate and built a set of chocolate stairs up to the picnic area i.e. the top of the cake.


I rolled out fondant and cut out the picnic blankets which I attached to the cake with the royal icing. I than attached the bears and other decorations. In the end, the cake looked like this:



I was very happy with this cake and I am looking forward to the Halloween cake challenge.

83 thoughts on “A cake to top them all – Teddy bears picnic

  1. It’s delightful, Robbie, although I’d never be able to eat such a lovely cake. You’ve reminded me of going to a Teddy Bear’s picnic with a friend and colleague many years back. She loved teddies and collected them. I had only recently arrived in the UK at the time and she had to tell me what it was all about… It was fun!
    I’m looking forward to the Halloween cake challenge as well!

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  2. gorgeous cake Robbie!
    Any chance you could make a second one and could you make it large enough for………..say 50 bears? I’m having some furry friends over on the weekend for a picnic in the forest and you know how bear manners are…………they gulp!

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