#Bookreview – Chills & Creeps Vol 1: Eight Scary Stories

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What Amazon says

Eight Spine-Chilling and Supernatural Stories

In this collection, you’ll meet …

  • Peter, who meets an upholsterer who really likes his skin.
  • Mary, who gets a pet fish that will only eat human flesh.
  • Daniel, who plays a game that becomes real in his dreams.
  • Eagle, who suffers from a rare disease making birds attack him wherever he goes.
  • Joseph, who plays tennis with a ghost.
  • Nadia, who gets trapped in a house slowly filling up with water.
  • Calvin, whose sister visits a hypnotist and becomes someone else.
  • And Noah, who learns to control lights with his mind.

Eight stories spanning horror, dark fantasy and science fiction, all set in everyday life while exploring the dark, the evil and the supernatural. The Chills & Creeps-series was originally published in Danish to great reviews, and is now available in English.

Fans of Goosebumps will love these chilly stories! This is volume 1 of the series.

My review

I reviewed this book in my capacity as a member of Rosie’s Book Review Team. If you would like your book reviewed, you can contact Rosie Amber here: http://rosieamber.wordpress.com/.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book of eight short creepy and chilling tales by Nick Clausen. The tone of his stories, and their unusual and clever twists reminded me of Roald Dahl’s style with his short story collections.

Under the skin features a young, red headed boy with freckly skin who takes shelter in a elderly strangers house one afternoon during a downpour. The granny is kindly towards him, giving him tea and cookies and drying his clothing, but she has her own frightening agenda;

Snapper the fish is a tale of the acquisition of a pet gone wrong. Mary is a spoiled girl who has recently become an older sister to a baby girl. Mary is jealous of the attention the new baby is garnering from her friends and family. When Mary acquires a most unusual pet, she makes a plan to use it for her own selfish ends;

Deadly dreams features the very topical world of gaming. Two boys are drawn into a popular game of human versus monsters. Despite various warnings that the game is dangerous to your health, it has gone viral. Daniel and Christian had better practice hard, they can’t afford to make mistakes;

All birds hate me gave me the greatest creeps of them all as I have a bit of a phobia about birds attacking people. Eagle is diagnosed with a strange disease. he is getting treatment, but is impatient to enjoy his life like everyone else his age. He decides to venture out of the safety of his home;

Ghost tennis is all about a young ghost who has an obsession with tennis. When a new family move into his historic home, he hopes that he will find a new tennis partner. If not, everyone will pay;

Drip-Drip-Drip shows what could happen if your own home turned against you. Unfortunately, it knows your deepest and darkest fears and is willing to use them against you;

When I snap my fingers is really rather unsettling tale about progressive hypnotism and what could come out if you delved into your past lives. Meddling with the mind is never a good idea;

Lights out is a rather unusual tale with a super power flavour of a different sort. It is never a good idea for one person to have to much power over nature.

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